New owner of Bingham’s Kennebec Mill has big plans


The former Kennebec Mill has been bought by a local entrepreneur with dreams enough to fill the cavernous walls of the old silo and dusty storage spaces. Jay Strickland, 59, has taken over the mill, a vacant property that the town took in a foreclosure after lifetimes of wood production and processing.

He plans to open a sandblasting and equipment repair business, a water bottling facility and an agricultural co-op.

Source: Morning Sentinel

Reasons To Buy And Sell Used Musical Instruments And The Advantages Of Doing So

If you have just decided to pick up a guitar and start playing or you want to improve your drum set, then you should definitely read why it is much more advantageous to buy and sell used musical instruments rather than waste money on new gear that gets more and more expensive by the day.

We can all agree that musical instrument prices are getting pretty ridiculous these days. Those old guitars that cost less than a hundred bucks are not even considered anymore, as there is always at least one kid on the block who goes and buys himself a new shiny guitar worth a couple grand. But that kid will probably not be the next Jimi Hendrix, and he may even quit playing the guitar after a few months. The lesson that many people seem to forget is that it is not how much you spend on the musical instrument, it is how much you use it. You can buy the cheapest guitar on the market, if you play for 10 hours straight per day, chances are you will get somewhere eventually.

So don’t waste your money on new gear, get yourself used guitars, used drum sets and other things you need and spend your time and energy for actually practicing.  Visit

Use a Carpet Cleaning Parker Firm or Clean Your Carpets Yourself?

Using the services of a Parker carpet cleaning company is certainly more expensive than cleaning the carpets and upholstery by yourself. However, asking a professional to clean your carpets is a much safer solution.

How do you clean your carpets? You probably soak them into some cleaning solutions that you buy from the supermarket and wait for it to dry. You think that all the dirt, allergens, pollen and thousands of other particles will simply disappear? What you do not know is that, by acting like this, you could drastically harm your carpets, which are usually made from delicate materials.

Maybe the worst thing you can do when you try to clean your carpets at home is to use a brush in trying to remove the stains that you spot on their surface. In the long run, this procedure damages your carpets, and you could be forced to replace them with new ones soon.

The big difference between you and a professional cleaner is that you do not have the adequate means to approach this job, not to mention the necessary knowhow. So, when you need carpet cleaning, Parker specialized firms are the solution.

The Benefits Of Using A Colorado Bank Receivership Service

If you are a private lender or part of an association that would like to recoup debt owed to you by a company or homeowner, you might want to consider the services of a receiver. By seeking payment of debt through the Colorado receivership process, you can avoid a trial that can be costly and time consuming.

A receivership service would provide you with a well-trained receiver that would work in connection with you and the debtor to recoup and settle the debts that are owed to you in a timely and convenient manner.


Receivership services from are generally used by companies to liquidate their assets in order to repay their debts and avoid bankruptcy. The main difference between a receivership and bankruptcy is that the receiver is granted full control of the business in order to sell off the assets to recoup any debts owed. The receiver will make sure the assets of the company are sold at value and not undersold in an attempt to quickly make money.

Another advantage of hiring a receiver is their expertise in both economic and legal domains. This provides you with the service that you need in order to obtain money owed from defaulted loans.


Top Five Benefits of Denver HVAC Routine Maintenance

The domestic maintenance tasks that are needed throughout a year should also include regular maintenance of your furnace and air conditioner. It is not wise to neglect it, because major failures cold appear, and you would be forced to pay more for repairs than for an annual tune-up.

Regular maintenance of your heating and cooling systems brings five benefits that you certainly do not want to miss:

  • Improved comfort – Regular maintenance keeps your HVAC system working properly and providing a comfortable temperature to your entire home.
  • Better air quality – In addition to the comfort provided by your HVAC system, your home will be cleaner and toxin-free.
  • A reduced number of repairs – When it comes to expensive air conditioner and furnace repair, Denver technicians agree that preventative routine maintenance is preferable.
  • Monthly savings – Keeping your furnace and air conditioner in good condition will save you money not only on repair costs, but also on your upcoming utility bills.
  • A longer HVAC system life – Replacing your heating and air conditioning system is expensive and also time consuming, but having it maintained regularly is a great way to prolong its life.

For more information regarding the up-keep of your home’s HVAC systems, contact


Denver HVAC Problems Easy to Solve

For any HVAC work, including furnace repair, Denver is a city with many technicians that can be hired very easily.

Last month, suddenly, my HVAC system stopped completely. I did not know why, and I am not the type of guy that tries to fix all the things around the house. Taking into consideration the fact that my HVAC system was pretty old and no technicians had looked after it in the last three years, it was something that I could have expected to happen.

So, the first thing I did was look for some specialists. I was surprised when I found out that there are many companies that provide this kind of service. So I hired one, and the next day two specialists in HVAC maintenance were sent to my house. It took them two or three hours to fix it.

They told me it broke down because of dust and dirt, and they recommended I get it serviced once a year to avoid the problem in the future. Everything went very easily, and now I know that in Denver, HVAC problems are dealt with in a professional way by HVAC specialists.

To schedule your HVAC services, contact the experts at Steel-T.

Save Money on Your Bathroom Remodeling – Ask Denver Remodeling Company

Are you afraid that your bathroom remodel project is going to dry up your wallet and your savings? Think again because we can provide you with some hot tips that will help you keep your money in your pocket!

For more hot tips, see here.

To Resize or Not to Resize

You probably desire more space to make your bath the perfect relaxation spot. But this wish might just cost you half of your budget. Therefore, we strongly advise you to tear some walls down only is extremely necessary!

Drywall Replacement

Instead of deciding yourself that the drywall needs total replacement, better discuss it with a professional that will offer ideas, tips and answers.

Replace or Refinish

This is the toughest question! You probably don’t like your old tub, sink and toilet and want to replace them entirely! And that means a lot of money spent down the drain. Give them another chance with a top-notch refinish. It will save you a lot of money, time and stress.

Old electrical system

Yes, this is something to reconsider only if your current electrical system is no longer functional and dangerous at the same time. In other cases, it just needs an electrician’s magic touch.

When it comes to home renovation projects, your local Denver kitchen remodeling and bathroom renovation contractors (AAA Home Improvements) can offer the best solutions for money saving and perfect innovation.





The Real Advantages Of Taking A Mortgage Agent Course For Your Future Career

If you’re tired of working nine to five and of having your boss always telling you what to do, then you should take a mortgage agent course and become your own boss as soon as possible.

While most people go through the daily grind without any professional satisfaction, you don’t have to do that too. You can decide what you want and do what you want by becoming a mortgage broker. This would imply following a specialized course that will not only provide you with the needed license, but you will also learn valuable skills that will help you become successful in the future.

One of the best things about being a mortgage agent is that you will no longer have to put up with a fixed schedule and with people giving your orders. You will work for as long as you want to, and the earnings will come depending on how much effort you put into your business.

But in order to be able to mediate between people looking for the right mortgage and lenders you will need to get licensed. Get your real estate licensing by following a specialized course at MTI Services and start your career the right way.

Three Reasons Why in Denver Solar Panels Are so Popular

Denver solar panels companies (see AC Solar)get more requests with every day that goes by. This is because more and more homeowners reach the conclusion that switching to solar is a good investment. You might have heard it from your friends or your neighbors, and they all may have different reasons for installing a solar panel system. But of course, you cannot simply do it just because it is trendy to convert to solar. You need your own reasons.

Here are the three main reasons why you might find it is a good idea to use solar energy:

  • It is sustainable – solar energy is clean and renewable; using it has no impact on the environment. All these mean that turning to solar will lower your carbon print.
  • It is almost cost-free – you do not pay for solar energy. However, you will need to make an investment at the beginning – materials and labor. With the energy prices going up all the time, your investment will be returned even sooner than you might expect.
  • It is added value to your property – have a Denver solar panels company install a system on your roof, and the price of your house will increase immediately.


The Benefits of Expert Roofing Services – Having a Safe and Durable Roof over Your Head

Have you been asking everybody about how to shingle a roof as efficiently and as economically as possible? Here is the answer: the best way is to hire an expert roofer at Advanced Roofing Systems to do the job.

Expert roofing installation comes with numerous advantages. First of all, you don’t have to work at heights with dangerous tools. Second, you don’t have to do extensive research about what materials to buy and to do extensive calculations to find out how much material you need. Third, you can save a lot of money by hiring an expert because professional roofers know exactly how to do the job for the best price, without compromising quality.

In the beginning I thought of doing the roofing on my house myself. Then I listed all the pros and cons of expert roofing versus amateur installation and I decided to find a contractor to install the new roof. It was the best decision: the installation was completely stress-free; the contractor took care of the material purchase and the delivery as well and the entire project went down as smoothly as possible.

Don’t even consider installing your own roofing – you have so many other things to do, don’t waste your time. Hire a professional contractor and enjoy all the benefits of expert installation.

Adequate Choices for Assisted Living – Denver Individual Service Plans (ISPs)

Whether you’re interested in individual living or assisted living, Denver has numerous options to provide in terms of special facilities offering varying degrees of assistance services and amenities that would suit the needs of most senior citizens.  Take a look at St Andrews Village.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a more specialized service plan, there is often the risk of running into assisted living centers that offer less support for certain individual needs, or others that are unable to provide adequate screening before determining whether or not they can take care of your needs.

There are 4 essential factors that you need to look for in an individual or assisted living facility:

  • An individual service plan (ISP) tailored to your own specifications, including particular physical assistance, domestic help, medical support and services facilitating leisure activities and the pursuance of personal interests;
  • A clean, well-designed facility complete with technological assistance features, as well as adequate heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing systems;
  • A thorough screening process through which the assistance center’s experts will determine whether or not they are able to cater to all your requirements;
  • Professional staff members that take the ISP seriously and are able to provide you with everything you need.

Always remember that you have other options, and weigh them carefully before choosing any retirement center that offers solutions for assisted or independent living, Denver being one of the few places where you truly have some excellent facilities to choose from.

The Need for Conscious Sedation – Denver Specialists and Their Recommendations

Although you may want to be conscious during your next surgery, it isn’t always a requirement to get conscious sedation, Denver experts sometimes giving general anesthesia or various other procedures a higher level of priority.

But when is conscious sedation considered to be the best of choices, and will it be a good idea for your future procedure? Let’s find out:

  • The most common cases when conscious sedation is used mostly include minor surgeries where general anesthetics are not needed. Usually these are routine interventions, dental procedures, investigations such as biopsies or surgeries required for cosmetic purposes or infertility.
  • Sometimes patients who get anxious easily or who have had a traumatic experience during surgery in the past might also require conscious sedation even when no type of anesthetic is needed.
  • Children and adults with particular personality types or disorders will often need to be provided with conscious sedation, as even if the surgery itself is not painful, it will likely require the patient to sit still for a longer period of time.

When it comes to any issues regarding conscious sedation, Denver professionals at Clarkson Dental are often very helpful, and all you have to do in order to find out more about the details regarding the procedure and whether or not it’s a good option for you would be to call and make an appointment as soon as possible.

Why Are Air Flow Circuit Malfunctions and How Often Do They Appear on Used Ford Focus Cars?

If you were advised to avoid buying a used Focus because air flow circuit problems may affect its performance, it is time you understood the problems and learned the truth.

The problem is related to the sensor indicating Mass Air Flow, located in the air intake duct, right between the air filter and the engine intake manifold. It measures the flow of the intake air and converts the results into a voltage or frequency signal that it transmits to the engine computer.

The engine’s load is calculated based on this signal, and the amount of fuel to be injected to the engine is determined. If the signal goes out of range, the ECM detects it and displays an error code. Depending on whether the signal is above or under the normal range, your Ford Focus may lose some power, stall, surge or hesitation.

However, this rarely happens in vehicles that have not been involved in collisions and have seen average maintenance, and can be avoided if the car is bought from an authorized dealer. Even if it were to happen, dealers offer warranty and would take care of it.

Your local Longmont Ford dealer can answer the questions you have.

Gross Domestic Product Determines Changes in Colorado Mortgage Rates

Not all people think that a relationship exists between the Gross Domestic Product and the level of mortgage rates. However, the Gross Domestic Product is the measure of a country’s economic output, and economists say that a high level of GDP growth is a signal for increasing mortgage rates.

How is that possible? When GDP is too high, it is possible to have much money floating on the market, and inflation tends to pick up. A high rate of GDP will warn the market on a rise of interest rates meant to keep inflation in balance.

Related to mortgage rates, Colorado economists say that there are two main indicators that show this influence:

  • Increases of worker productivity, when employers get more work out of the current employees and avoid hiring new people
  • Surge in inventory cycles, as a result of the economy initially starting to contract, manufacturing slowed down in order to cut production costs, and inventories being liquidated in order to make sales. The phenomenon that happens then is similar to a roller coaster that crests a hill. One part of that train goes up, while the other part goes down. Inventories are restored when more is manufactured and less is sold.

These indicators show how GDP is able to influence the trends of mortgage rates.  Check out mortgage rates at:

Some Facts About Stain Removal and Carpet Cleaning Littleton Residents Might Not Know

If you are in need of carpet cleaning, Littleton professionals recommend taking a few steps in order to properly remove stains.

In case the stain is fresh, the best thing you could do would try to absorb as much as possible from it, as the less remains in the carpet fibers, the easier will be to completely remove the stain. Put some paper towels on top of the stain and apply mild pressure. Do not try to rub the stain, as you will likely cause the molecules to get deeper into the carpet fibers. Change the paper towels until they no longer absorb the liquid.

After this step, you can apply some water vinegar solution if the stain is from urine or a strong smelling substance. Blot the stain again until you cannot draw out any more moisture and then leave it to dry.

If the stains are old and no detergent can help you clean the carpet, then you may want to enlist the services of a carpet cleaning company. Luckily, when it comes to carpet cleaning, Littleton has many trusted professionals that have the know-how and techniques to quickly remove all stains from the carpet.

For more details, please see

Improve Your Driving Experience by Getting Some of the Best Mufflers Denver Can Offer

When it comes to mufflers, Denver has no shortage of the component that will keep your car running smoothly and with a pleasant growl to accompany you on the road. Car enthusiasts are always looking to improve upon their vehicle. By changing this one element your driving experience is sure to become more relaxing, and your vehicle more aesthetically pleasing.

What you can expect from our services

  • Attention to detail;
  • Only the best of materials for our products;
  • Quality execution for maximum performance;
  • An eye for the aesthetic value of the machine;
  • Smooth sound.

Well-established mechanics in Denver will help you choose and change the muffler on your car as soon as possible, and for reasonable prices. These technicians have years of prior experience, so your new silent ride will provide guaranteed satisfaction. Suppliers are committed to finding just the right part to deliver on their promises of smooth sound and performance for your vehicle.

Experience yourself the high quality services the professionals in the area can offer. For any of your needs regarding mufflers, Denver should be the first place you check out.

For more detail, please see


Top Commercial Property Management Ideas

The upsurge of the global economy has had a great impact on the property market with more investors now venturing into the housing industry. With these developments, commercial property management has become important and somewhat different from the simple building maintenance practices used in the past. As much as property-owners need to maintain their premises, they also need to generate new business and attract more opportunities. Keeping up with the latest technology including eco-friendly concepts is also a key factor that property managers can adopt as a solution to some of the problems they encounter. To bring in prospective clients, retain the existing ones and generate revenue as well, there are top ideas for commercial property management Denver property managers should consider.  You can also hire an external property management company like Cam Services.

Maintenance Is Key

How a building looks is usually the first thing that an existing or a new clients sees when appraising the premises for the first time. Curbing the appeal of the building is therefore an important aspect that a property manager should concentrate on. If the property is well maintained, it should run smoothly, look professional and generally appeal to the client. Key maintenance factors such as landscaping, interior and exterior painting, roofing, plumbing, flooring, furnishings and even lighting should be taken care of regularly. All these fixtures should be in excellent condition.

Upgrade the Premises

The building should also be upgraded often to keep up with the latest property management trends in the marketplace. Since most clients look for a space that offers more especially in terms of convenient amenities, the premises should therefore have advanced features that can be relied upon.

Go Green

To keep existing clients satisfied and expand the business too by luring in new ones, the building should be current and offer the most recent technologies. Going green is also an important feature today that most clients will find very inviting.

Another key aspect about commercial property management Denver property managers should consider is communicating effectively with both the clients and the property owners. This way they can easily address any concerns that both parties have.

How Long Should a Denver Garage Door Repair Project Take?

The same as in the case of any other repair project, there is no telling how long a Denver garage door repair project could take. There are two main elements which can be broken in matters of garage doors: the frame (the wooden body) and the closing and opening mechanism.

Usually, the company sends over and evaluator who communicates to you, the client, the damage done and what needs to be repaired. You will be given an estimate of cost and time allocated for the repair. The evaluator will tell the firm whether to send over a technician or a carpenter, or both in the worst case.

You can rely on having to be home for at least 30 minutes then the repair man arrives, as even the smallest spring can take that long to replace. The repair process can last even longer depending on the complexity of the job the repair man has to do. Just to be on the safe side, set aside more time than you were first told by the evaluator, because you never know what the professional Denver garage door repair man might find after thoroughly looking at the mechanism and at the door.

To get a better idea of how long a job takes, visit

Short Guidelines to Preparing Your Ford F150 for a Long Trip

Long trips are serious tests for any car, because even minor problems, like worn windshield wipers or out-of-balance tires may cause lots of troubles. You always ask yourself whether you have forgotten something when you leave on a trip. Among many other, one important thing is to always check some simple things that will make your life easier and safer.

Having your brakes and suspension verified by a Longmont Ford mechanic is a must, but this is not everything. After booking an appointment at your dealer’s garage and asking for maintenance packages, like tire rotation, oil change and mechanical inspection of your used Ford F150, do the following, a few days before going on your trip:

  • Under the hood, check the engine oil and transmission fluid levels, the engine coolant, air filter, battery, and other items;
  • Verify the lights and mirrors;
  • Inspect the windshield wipers and the tires;
  • Have a look at the suspension, drive train and steering;
  • See if the spare tire and wheel wrench are in their locations;
  • Verify the basic emergency kit;
  • Think about taking a GPS navigation system with you.

If everything is in order, your used Ford F-150 is prepared for the long trip you have planned, and it will be the same old and faithful companion that you already know.

Denver Heating And Air Conditioning Services – Useful And Easy To Reach

There are numerous advantages when choosing a new Denver heating and air conditioning system, replacing an old one or just repairing a current one. Not only will the local Denver technicians will arrive as soon as possible to help you, but these companies are also amazing at finding and fixing the problem that you have.

The reason you need to find the best company out there is because you need speed and efficiency in solving the problem that you have. Especially if you want to find a system that handles both heating and air conditioning or if you want to fix this kind of unit, the company that deals with it needs to be as good as possible, considering these systems are extremely difficult to work with.

While the installation or the repairing work is a huge part of the process, knowing everything about your house and the type of system you had before are two other very important parts. So you need to look for experts when choosing the service to employ.

Asking Pasterkamp a Denver heating and air conditioning company for help is one of the best choices you can make because most, if not all of them, are extremely fast and efficient.

What Services Do Complete Auto Repair Lakewood CO Shops Offer?

The wide range of services offered by complete auto repair Lakewood CO shops will save you the trouble of going from one shop to the other. If you have multiple car problems, all you have to do is find a shop that covers all types of vehicle trouble and let the professional mechanics there take care of everything.

Whether you need maintenance or repair, rest assured your car will be in good hands, as full repair shops have teams of experts specialized in different services. Mechanics with vast experience in the respective domains will perform a complex diagnosis, or engine repairs, or undercarriage work, depending on your car’s needs.

Here is a list of the most in-demand car services:

  • Factory schedules maintenance;
  • Oil changing;
  • Filter changing;
  • Battery replacement;
  • Tire installation;
  • Engine diagnosis and repair;
  • Repair and maintenance works on the following systems: electrical, electronic, break, safety, suspension, steering, exhaust, heating and air conditioning;
  • Automatic or manual transmission repairs.

Take your car to a mechanic when you notice even the slightest sign of trouble, complete Lakewood auto repair shops are at your disposal for any kind of service.

Silicone Sheeting- The Various Options Available

Silicone sheeting have high temperature resistance and are not prone to damage when exposed to ozone gases as well as chemicals that leading weathering of other materials. They are available in a wide array of varieties to suit the ever changing technological in production of machines. Here is a brief look at the various options of silicone sheeting products that you can purchase in the market today.


Translucent silicone

This is a non-toxic sheeting and inert gasket material that ranges between 50 – 70 durometer. One of its highlights is that it can withstand extreme temperature making it an ideal choice for manufacturing companies like The Denver Rubber Co., located in areas that experience dynamic weather conditions


Fluoro-silicone sheeting

This common sheeting that is specifically manufactured for use in extreme working environments. Unlike other sheeting materials, this one is highly resistance to common industrial chemicals such as fuels and oils. They are available between 30-70 durometer.


Grade 2100 Silicone

This is unique silicone sheeting that is normally used in applications or industries that are not affected by physical properties. Most of the tasks cannot be carried out under low temperatures and so it has to be able to withstand the extreme temperatures at all times. It’s available from 30-70 durometer range. You just have to choose one that best suits your intended use and manufacturing processes.


Fiberglass reinforced silicone sheeting

As the name suggests, this is advanced sheeting that is fortified using fiberglass to enhance its functionalism and durability. One of the major benefits of investing in this form of sheeting is that it’s non-porous and remains stable in various operating temperatures.


FDA Grade silicone sheeting:

This has low volatility and peroxide free sheeting that is specifically tailored for use in food processing industries. This is based on the fact that its non-toxic hence it cannot compromise the quality of processed foods.


Silicone sheeting is indeed an important utility in manufacturing industries.

Get A Dream Home For You And Your Family At Affordable Colorado Mortgage Rates

If you are still paying rent, then you should start looking at the many loan programs offered as the current Colorado mortgage rates are at their lowest right now.

There is no reason to have your entire family going through the ordeal of knowing they don’t have a place to call home. Why make your landowner rich when you could get your very own home? You don’t have to worry about paying the monthly rates, as there are many loan offers that can allow you to amortize paying the debt over many decades.

If you want to keep your finances mostly intact, then you can either opt for a 30 year loan, or you can find a program that allows you to repay just the interest each month. That way, you can repay the debt when you can make enough money and still have your family benefiting from the best conditions possible. Make your family happy by providing them with a nice and comfortable home. Turn to a loan with the lowest mortgage rates Colorado has on the market and enable your spouse and children to feel protected in their own place.

Turn to Lending Maven in Denver for your home mortgage.

Do You Still Own a First Generation Used Ford Escape?

The first generation of Ford’s Escape was released as the 2001 model in North America. This vehicle was slotted below the Explorer, a larger truck-based vehicle in Ford’s lineup, and the smaller Honda and Toyota SUV offerings.

Those were the times when most SUVs were using a body-on-frame design, based on the truck pattern. They used solid rear axles in order to be able to carry heavier loads, but at the expense of good handling and comfortable ride.

Ford realized that sports utility vehicle owners generally did not take them off road, and therefore decided to use a car-like design, fully independent suspensions, as well as rack and pinion steering for its Escape model.

This model was not really meant for intense off-road driving, but a full-time AWD (all wheel drive) was supplied optionally, including the locking center differential that could be activated by a switch placed on the dashboard.

For the Ford Escape, this AWD system sends more engine power to the front wheels. When slipping is detected in this area, additional power is distributed to the rear wheels in fractions of a second, providing more stability to the car.

6 Questions To Ask Your Local Lone Tree Dentist

For residents of Lone Tree and Highlands Ranch dentist office practices should be pretty easy to find, as there are many great dentists around. But choosing the right one for you can sometimes be tricky. That’s why we’re compiled a list of 6 of the most important questions you should ask your local dentist, to help you make the right choice:

  1. When are you open? Finding a dentist with office hours that match you schedule is vital – after all, if you can’t make the appointments, everything else is meaningless.
  2. How can I pay for this? Making sure your dentist accepts your insurance, credits cards, and checks is very important.
  3. What are you qualifications? Inquiring about their training and qualifications will give you a good idea of your dentist’s competence.
  4. How do you handle emergencies? If they refer you to a local hospital’s emergency room, then you know you have a problem. You should always be able to call your dentist (or a substitute) at any hours of the day or night (phone or pager, anything works).
  5. What’s the average waiting time? If the dentist’s office cannot handle appointments in an orderly fashion, you might end up having to wait days –if not weeks – for a break in their schedule; this is a definite NO.

Garage Door Repair Denver Professionals Advise You How to Maintain Electric Garage Doors

For some people, electric garage doors are a necessity, but others cannot afford them and see them as a luxury. However, it is very easy and convenient to just sit in the car and open the garage door instead of getting out and pressing the button. Although electric doors have a long lifespan, you can extend it with proper maintenance.

How Do You Maintain Electric Garage Doors?

  1. Clean your wooden or metal door using a soft brush or some dish detergent. Professionals also advise you to paint wooden doors every few years.
  2. To ensure a smooth glide on the tracks, prevent the moving parts from rusting. Apply motor oil regularly on the springs, chains, rollers and hinges.
  3. Tighten any loose screws or bolts. If you do not take this job seriously and maintain the doors annually or twice a year, they can become dangerous for your family, especially for your children.
  4.  Check your owner’s manuals. Your garage doors may have special maintenance requirements, and it is important that you comply with them.

If you find these tasks too hard or time consuming, you can always call Denver garage door repair professionals to do the work for you.

Find Garage Door professionals at Gold Label Door.