New owner of Bingham’s Kennebec Mill has big plans


The former Kennebec Mill has been bought by a local entrepreneur with dreams enough to fill the cavernous walls of the old silo and dusty storage spaces. Jay Strickland, 59, has taken over the mill, a vacant property that the town took in a foreclosure after lifetimes of wood production and processing.

He plans to open a sandblasting and equipment repair business, a water bottling facility and an agricultural co-op.

Source: Morning Sentinel

Boulder Alcohol Treatment Centers Are The Best Residential Places To Visit For Alcoholics

Alcoholism is one of the worst vices a person can suffer from, which is pretty much why we have places like the Boulder alcohol treatment centers. Alcoholism is not something to be taken lightly, and it is not a slight nuisance, because it can practically destroy your entire life. People that suffer from alcoholism can lose their families, jobs, money, dreams, freedoms, and in the direst of cases, even their lives. The worst part of it is that it’s not a quick and painless process at all.  With all the places to see in Boulder and other surrounding cities, you have to keep mindful to have fun, without the use of alcohol, and actually you have way more fun!!


The life of an alcoholic is destroyed bit by bit, over a number of years. It is a slow and painful process that can push people almost beyond the limits of madness. In fact, many people that suffer from alcoholism end up suffering from mental disorders as well, such as depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder. This is why, if you happen to know someone that is an alcoholic, or you yourself are suffering from such an addiction, it is important to seek help IMEDIATELY! This is not something to procrastinate. Ever!


There are numerous Boulder alcohol treatment centers that offer support and detoxification!


Denver Personal Injury Attorneys – Professional Requirements

Building a career in personal injury law is not easy and Denver personal injury attorneys must meet national education and career requirements, training, license, certification and experience.

Most personal injury lawyers work for private practices and have potential to receive high income, but this opportunity typically comes in time, with experience. They work many hours in their offices, especially when they prepare for a case, but may also travel to meet with clients or other people related to a case.

Educational and career requirements for this job start with earning a Bachelor’s Degree and continue with taking the Law School Admission Test, participating in mock trials, earning a Law Degree (preferably from an institution approved by the American Bar Association, otherwise some states will not allow gaining admittance to the Bar), participating in an internship with a personal injury company, taking the Bar exam, as well as the Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination.  This will help you to know how to hire and attorney.

Professional skills of a personal injury attorney include organizational skills, communicating and speaking skills, analytical skills, as well as knowledge of the specific laws.

Denver personal injury attorneys are required to continue their education through ABAs Center of Professional Development, in order to maintain the Bar status.

All You Need To Know About Sewer Line Repair, Replacement And Cleaning

There are so many companies that offer sewer line repair services, that the job of choosing between all of them has become a burden. However, we offer you a list of information you have to know before you start doing anything.

Problems that sewer lines can get:

  • Blockage – this is caused by grease build-up or some object that restricts the proper flow of water.
  • Corrosion – the pipe is deteriorated and broken, which may cause collapse in the line and damage everything.
  • Broken pipe – this is due to shifting soil or frozen ground.
  • Bellied pipe – one section of the pipe sunk because of soil conditions and this created a valley that is now collecting waste and debris.
  • Leaking joints – some seals between the pipes broke and they now allow water escape into the area that is surrounding the pipe.
  • Root in the sewer line – the line can be invaded by tree roots and damage the line.

Repair methods:

  • Traditional – methods such as ‘open cut’ or ‘trench’ allow you to gain access to the area that surrounds the damaged pipe.
  • Pipe bursting – there are small access holes made where the pipe starts and ends. There is also a hydraulic machine that pulls the old pipe out and replaces it with a new one, making sure that the sewer line repair process is complete and permanent.

If you need more help, hop over to here, you will be glad you did.

Why Is Colorado Financial Management Important And Why Should You Care?

If you want to make it big in Colorado, financial management is something you need to learn if you want to survive long on the market. All the best firms and companies that are operating in this region have already employed the services of individuals or companies that specialize in managing a budget. The only ones that don’t employ these kinds of people are the ones that already know how financial management works. The bottom line is this: you either learn how budget management works or you get someone on board that knows a thing or two about it.  Read the article when you run across it in the next magazine you read, they usually have wonderful information.


Otherwise, it’s only a matter of time until your business will be in ruins. The same goes for individuals that aren’t the heads of firms or companies, because, while they don’t own any businesses, they most likely own money, houses or apartments. In the case of these people, properly managing a budget is also a requirement for a high standard of living. There are many useful places where one can learn more about this particular subject, such as courses or books.


Colorado financial management should be of interest to anyone!

Carpet Cleaning Highlands Ranch – Smart Homemade Solutions

For any of your carpet cleaning Highlands Ranch needs, local professionals have been investing in industrial carpet washers for a complete clean-up. However, if you only want to get rid of small stains and spills, there are certain easy to mix homemade solutions available.

What You Will Need

  • Hydrogen Peroxide – Useful in removing blood stains if you accidentally cut yourself and it spills on the carpet, for example; all you need to do if wash the stain slightly with some laundry detergent and then apply the substance to completely remove the stain.
  • If you get candle wax on your carpet, you can put a white cloth over the stain and iron the cloth to heat up the wax for easy removal; make sure not to overdo the ironing as it could burn your cloth or carpet in the process.
  • Should your kids get candy into the carpet, simply scrape up the piece of candy with a knife and apply a solution of water and laundry detergent to remove the stain.

Other simple cleaning solutions are available for numerous other stains and accidents. Whenever you need good carpet cleaning Highlands Ranch services, do not hesitate to contact local professionals.  Check this out too!

The Health Benefits of Ergonomic Office Chairs

If you experience back, shoulder and/or neck pain after sitting for 8 hours at the office, your work chair may need changing with some ergonomic office chairs. The problem is not how comfortable you think the chair is, but how your body is positioned in relation to the chair. Putting a couple of pillows over your chair might make it comfortable for a short while, but it will not correct your posture.

Advantages of an Ergonomic Chair

  • It helps correct your posture – Besides having a much needed head rest and back rest, most ergonomic chairs have a level with which you can adjust the height of the chair to your liking.
  • You can avoid dreadful back pains due to the large back rest supporting your entire spine curvature.
  • It increases comfort – Forget about the ridiculous amount of pillows some people put on their office chairs to reduce lower back pain and make sitting more comfortable. It may work for a very short while, but as the body adjusts to this, the problems you tried to avoid in the first place will resurface.

To concentrate better on your work without having to worry about a sore back, consider checking out this webpage for chair selections and to see additional advantages of ergonomic office chairs.

How To Find The Best Auto Repair – Lakewood CO Is The Place To Visit!

For those that want quality auto repair, Lakewood CO has got them covered. Any local that either lives in Lakewood or works near can tell you they have some of the best auto repair shops in all the United States, see It’s kind of like auto repair cornucopia here really. There is a lot to choose from, that’s for sure, and most people will be satisfied with the services that they will be provided with.


Most of the auto repair shops owners that live in Lakewood are decent people, fair and honest. That means that they will offer you quality services at prices that are always fair and affordable to the customer. This is great news for car owners, as even if the price was steep, getting your car fixed by a professional is still an investment you should consider. The more professionally a car is handled, the better it will behave over the years. If you are picky, you can also check for info at a local Better Business Bureau.


Best of luck in finding the best auto repair Lakewood CO has to offer you!



Aluminum Residential Fencing in Denver – Is It Worth It?

When it comes to residential fencing in Denver, you definitely want to get the best deals. Well, that starts with choosing the right materials for the job. For instance, have you heard about aluminum fences? They have a few decent benefits to offer:

  • First of all, aluminum fences are durable. That is one of their main selling points, as finding fencing materials that will really hold their own against harsh weather and aging is not easy. This means you will not have to spend too much time on regular maintenance each weekend.
  • On the same subject, aluminum fences tend to have a pretty long lifespan. The only way this would be bad is if you are not considering living on the property long-term. Other than that, you will be more than happy with fencing materials that will still be reliable after years of use.
  • If you are looking to boost the curb appeal of your property, aluminum fences are a good option, since they come in many architectural styles.
  • According to experts on residential fencing in Denver, aluminum fences are so valuable because they do not rust, meaning you will not have to invest in special coatings that can be expensive.  You might look at cedar fence Denver companies offer as well.

Question All The Brides Have When It Comes To The Denver Wedding DJ

We know how hard it can be to look for the right Denver wedding DJ and, moreover, how hard it is to perfectly organize your whole wedding. This is why we have come to help you all in choosing the right thing for your wedding day. Here are the top questions every bride has concerning the DJ.

  1. How do I find a good DJ? Recommendations are a good start. We are sure that some of your friends or relatives can give you a nice portrait of a good DJ they have hired. Google up the names and look at reviews online.
  2. How much money should I consider spending? You should look to pay upwards $400 for a 4-hour reception. But prices vary from region to region and from venue to venue.
  3. How does this compare to paying for a live band? Well, a live band can cost up to five times more than a DJ and, look at the bright side, you will have some extra money for lights and decorations if you go for a DJ.
  4. Will he cover all music types? If he is a professional Denver wedding DJ, he certainly will.

A Music Plus can find you the perfect dj and make your wedding most memorable and FUN!

Tips And Tricks That Every Aurora Electrician Has To Know

When you work as an Aurora electrical contractors, you have to prove that you are good in what you do. In order to do that, here are some trips ad tricks that will help you with your everyday job.

  • A drywall can destroy the teeth of a hole saw. Run the drill in reverse and, even if this will take a couple more seconds to make the hole, it will protect the saw.
  • When you finish the wall, replace the string with some jack chain. It goes straight through insulation or block, as it is way heavier than string.
  • When you work with another electrician and you are too far apart one from another to talk and you sure have to, use a sort of ‘Morse’ code. One tug will mean ‘Halt!’, two tugs, ‘I’m ready, get started!’, and three tugs will mean ‘I’m here, now stop!’.
  • Always have a voice recorder with you while doing your work. You may have to ‘take notes’ about what you will have to bring with you next, about the peculiarities of that specific case or just to remember some pipe measurements.
  • To be a well-prepared Aurora electrician, carry a camera with you to take pictures of what you will have to remember.

Dental Care Is Not Included in Your Insurance? Highlands Ranch Dentists Have Their Own Special Payment Plans

Most Highlands Ranch dentists are aware that very few health insurances include dental care. For this reasons, they have created several payment plans for frequent patients, families, and seniors. These plans allow you to pay for ongoing treatment or emergency procedures in several installments, without placing a great financial burden on your family budget.

Loyalty Pays In the End

If you want to benefit from these special payment plans, you have to find a dental practice and a dentist for your family and stay loyal to them over time. Also, many practices offer patient referral rewards – if you recommend the practice to a friend or a neighbor, you are eligible for discounts on your next appointment.

There are many ways in which you can afford dental care, and you should seek information from various dental practices and pick the one best suited to your needs. It is true that health is priceless and that preventive care is the only way to keep your healthcare costs under control. This is why you should not forget about your teeth and treat them with the same care as you do with the rest of your body.  Make sure to choose a great pediatric dentist Highlands Ranch offers for the younger ones in your family.

Find out what kind of payment plans your family qualifies for right now. Get in touch with local Highlands Ranch dentists and select your family’s dentist.

Marriage Counseling and How It Helped My Husband and I Stay Together

My husband and I turned to Christian counseling after a very deep crisis in our marriage. My husband was unfaithful, but we decided to put the affair behind us and continue to live together. However, it seemed harder than I could bear and I realized that I needed help to be able to really forgive him.  The anger management Denver offers really does work.

I was brought up in a Christian spirit, so when I decided to seek help, there was no question, I needed an expert who combined classic therapy with Christian values. I found a wonderful person and I started attending the sessions on my own, but I soon understood that I needed my husband in this, too. It was very hard to convince him to join me, but he did and we continued the counseling sessions together. With the help of our counselor I understood how hurt I really was and I could tell my husband honestly about how I was feeling. He also told me about his feelings that conducted to his unfaithfulness and I think we now understand each other much better than ever before.

Our counselor was much more to us than a facilitator – she helped us understand ourselves and she helped us stay together, living a more spiritual and much happier life.

Hiring A Denver HVAC And Air Conditioning Company To Install An Efficient Tankless Water Heater

If your utility bills aren’t exactly low and you are frustrated by the fact that you are also waiting for what seems like eternity for the water to get warm enough after starting the heater, then you should probably get it replaced with a modern tankless version and get it installed with the help of a Denver HVAC and air conditioning company, found at
Tankless water heaters have many advantages over conventional units. First of all, these are much smaller than their tank heater cousins for the obvious reason that they do not have a tank. You can install one of these units just about anywhere without talking up a lot of space. That means that you don’t need to install it in the basement, but put it in the kitchen or bathroom and have easy access to the controls all the time.
But the greatest feature of a tankless heater is the ability to provide hot water whenever needed. That is without standby heat loss as is the case with conventional heaters. You don’t have wasted energy and you get to enjoy hot water all the time. So get yourself a new tankless water heater and have it installed by a reliable Denver HVAC and air conditioning professional.

Benefits Of Non-Surgical Weight Loss Services For Denver Patients

Prevention is always better than intervention, as most specialists confirm, even that of Med-Fit, which is why it is best to first try all the non-surgical weight loss services for Denver you can find before jumping into the surgery room.


You can experience significant weight loss in the very first months of therapy but also enjoy the several other benefits of non-surgical services, such as:

  • higher energy levels
  • lower blood pressure
  • better sleep
  • an optimistic view
  • less pain
  • improved social relationships
  • higher productivity
  • less diseases


In order to experience long-term weight loss success, patients need to learn what type of nutrition and lifestyle they should adopt depending on each human profile.


Even though the insurance companies do not cover weight loss service expenses, they do pay for all the treatments and therapies related to morbidity such as:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol


This way you could take advantage of the professional services different centers have to offer at lower costs. Still, preventive and non-invasive services are much more affordable and non risky than any other procedures that might not even give you the expected results.


All in all, it is important not to lose hope and, whenever you feel unable to get through, call for any of the centers that provide weight loss services for Denver patients struggling with health issues such as those presented above.

Important Services for Auto Repair Lakewood CO Experts Would Recommend

For anyone interested in auto repair, Lakewood CO repair shops might provide what you need in terms of basic services. But should you look for something a little extra, and what if your car requires more special treatment that most repair services are not capable of providing?


Here are a few special auto repair and maintenance solutions that you might want to look into when visiting your local repair shops:


  • Advanced body repair, as well as aluminum and metal restructuring and repair, so you can get your car looking perfect, even if it’s an older model or if it’s been in a collision;
  • Custom body paint and paintless dent repair, as well as scratch removal services – an indispensable service if you need your car to be completely spotless;
  • Advanced tuning services for special vehicles, expensive sports cars, classical cars, race cars or even prototypes;
  • Fiberglass service and repair – for that extra touch that your special car needs.


If you want to find out about these and other services associated with auto repair, Lakewood CO experts-, can quickly provide you with the information you need and recommend a wide variety of additional, high quality maintenance and repair solutions you might want to consider.

Plan Your Budget Carefully When Shopping for Centennial Roofing Products

Major reinstallation works on your roofs represent a serious investment for your family, so you need to plan your budget for residential roofing products very carefully. If you have already gone through a roof installation process, you may have an idea of what it entails, but be careful not to plan everything in relation to your past experience.

New Technologies and New Prices
It is very important to be open to the new technologies available now. Your old roof had a different insulation system, with several layers. Do not urge the contractor to follow the same underlayers structure you were used to. New roofing systems are lighter and more energy efficient. Embrace the change and enjoy your new roof for many years to come!

Not only technology changes, but prices do too. They usually tend to go up. Therefore, set your budget by looking at various catalogs, not by your past experience! There is nothing more unfortunate than to start the work on your new roof and find out that you have to go through all your savings to finish the job. It is best to go directly to one of the Centennial roofing companies and let them prepare an estimate both for workmanship and for the residential roofing products needed for your home.

What Are The Skills Of Good Littleton Electricians?

Good Littleton electricians are hard to find. Electricity is a complicated matter and asks for knowledge in more than one field. Besides, a good professional has to know when to use that knowledge and how to use all the auxiliary domains meeting electricity in their job.

Therefore, if you are in need of a certified Littleton electrician, you need one that can prove they know how to put in practice the theory they have learnt.

  • A good electrician usually has a strong head for mathematics, physics and mechanics.
  • They are usually people with great dexterity, given the fact that they work on delicate and dangerous systems and devices.
  • Also, they are good at solving problems and can easily come with solutions for an electric problem in a critical moment.
  • They should also possess excellent computer skills or try to acquire them, if they do not.
  • From a physical point of view, an electrician should be able to work at heights, be able to perform heavy-lifting (in some cases) and be able to work in close or small spaces.

Of course, all these abilities do not prove that an electrician has strong knowledge in the electricity field as well, but they do add to what makes great Littleton electricians.

Denver Senior Living Facilities And The Community

Seniors form communities to make their lives easier and more pleasant, and that is why Denver senior living facilities are here to explain the system to us.

In nursing homes, seniors are taught to interact with each other. They learn to work as a team and that is why they become so close. Not only that, but they become stronger.

To get to that point, licensed therapists work with each one individually to get to know him or her better. They need to make an idea on what they like and what needs to be avoided.

After they have a general picture, they form groups based on the information they have and make them work as a team. If something should go wrong, staff members will step in to take care of the situation gently.

In some cases, those that do not wish to interact with others are left alone for a short period of time and later given the option to rejoin the group.

At some point during their stay, the seniors will get to act like a big family. Denver senior living facilities say that this way they do not feel alone and learn to move on with their lives.

To get information, and obtain resolve, please visit

Hybrid Car Batteries And Their Environmental Impact

Today, people are more and more eco-conscious and drivers are interested to buy hybrid cars for their lower emissions; hybrid car batteries are responsible for fuel economy, contributing to less pressure on the gasoline engine, which stretches out the amount of used gasoline.

There are many speculations and misconceptions however, the truth remains that all car batteries – conventional or hybrid – are made of chemical, toxic material. This material, improperly disposed, can pose environmental hazards.

Additionally, electric power does not mean automatically clean energy, considering that it is produced through different sources and some of them are the traditional ones (oil, coal etc.), meaning that you r hybrid car may end up producing as much pollution as a traditional car.

Out of the three types of batteries used in hybrid cars, lead acid is the most toxic, heavy and providing the least fuel efficiency. This toyota prius battery type is progressively being replaced by nickel-metal hydride, which is less toxic, although carcinogenic and with mimic process hazardous.

Lithium-Ion batteries are the least toxic and are considered the next step for hybrid car batteries, but are currently the most expensive one and, being a new technology, people still consider it risky.

When It Comes To Used Chevy Dealers, Denver Is The Place To Find The Best

If you’ve had a closer look at newer models yet you are appalled by the pricing, then you might want to get your next car from one of the used Chevy Colorado dealers near you. You could save some money on the purchase, get a car that is in terrific shape while also having a wider pool of cars to select from.

There are many people who just go for the marketing hype of new cars. They all have intelligent all wheel driving systems, buttons and knobs and automated transmissions. But after getting one of these cars you realize that a lot of the tech speak is nothing but marketing and that the car isn’t really anything special compared to older models.

Some people still drive cars from the 70s and they work perfectly fine. That is not to say that you want a 40 something old car, but you don’t need the latest and greatest car to spend 20 grand on. So if you don’t buy all the marketing hype, then get your next vehicle from used Chevy dealers – Denver has quite a few of them in the area with impressive inventories.

The Reasons To Visit A Nutritionist In Denver

Finding nutritionist in Denver is not as complicated as we may think. There are sites were we can be informed not only about what a nutritionist is, but also about how to select the best candidate for us.

You may ask why you need a nutritionist. Let us figure it out! In a continuously running world, people are busy. They have no time for exercises. They choose to eat fast food instead of carefully selecting what to eat. After years, they realize that their health is not as good as they wished.

Let us introduce you to the reasons of visiting a nutritionist: weight management, disease, eating disorders, allergies, low energy. When you decide to be the master of your own life, you will choose to visit a nutritionist. This person is an expert – He would help you to access your real potential. He would provide nutritional education. After meeting him, new colors will appear in your life. You will understand that what you eat determines how you feel.

It is never too late to start developing a new YOU. It is never too late for the best decision. If your health is important, find time for visiting a nutritionist in Denver!

The Ease and Convenience of Hiring a Local Northglenn Massage Expert

When it comes to hiring a local Northglenn or Westminster massage therapist from your area, and going to regular therapy sessions, you’ll find there are a lot of benefits that health experts can recommend. However, the ease and sheer pleasure of getting a professional massage Thornton offers can be even more satisfying, especially when you go with a local therapist.


First of all, a professional massage therapist or a company that hires massage therapists in your area and has their headquarters close to your home or office building can provide you with fast and reliable assistance on a regular basis. They can often mold their schedule according to yours, and provide you with their services even at a short notice.


Also, you’ll find that the Northglenn area has plenty of professional and experienced massage therapists who can help you. All you need to do is take a look online, browse through some of the listings, and see which type of massage – such as Swedish or sports massage – might be more well-suited to what you specifically require.


Also, you can often conveniently book massage therapy sessions at home or even at work, without the need to drive to a massage place yourself and wait in line until the therapist is ready to see you.


Thornton and Northglenn massage experts will tell you that there’s no better way to ease your tension after a hard day at work, than by calling your friendly local massage therapist for a relaxing massage session.

A Few Shipping Options for Office Chairs for Sale Online

After searching several sites with office chairs for sale online and knowing what you buy, you must choose the shipping method that you find appropriate. Shipping is usually expensive and most stores offer several options. There are also stores that offer free shipping deals under certain circumstances, especially as a promotional tool. Free shipping should not prevent you from comparing prices, as the price of the “free” transportation might be included in the product price.

Here are the most common shipping procedures:

  • Front door delivery – they drop off your product at the front door or first floor of the apartment building. This is the cheapest option, but you must carry the item inside your house.
  • Inside delivery – it costs more, but the furniture will be brought inside your house, including bringing it upstairs in an apartment building. This way, you will not have to deal with lifting heavy boxes.
  • White glove delivery – this is the full package, including bringing the box inside, unpacking it, and setting up the furniture. This is the ideal solution if you have to assemble the furniture but do not want to do it. This service could be worth more than $100.
  • Store pick-up – the provider of office chairs for sale online ships the package from a warehouse to a store of your choice and you have to pick it up from there.

For details, go to

Searching for the Best Types of HVAC Services Available Out There

Although it may be easy to find HVAC services operating in your local area, it may be somewhat more of a hassle to find out exactly what you should look for. The following types of services and advantages should give you a general idea on what to expect from a truly proficient local HVAC repair company:


  • Services specializing in anything from hybrid AC split systems that have both indoor and outdoor installations, to hybrid heat split systems and less common duct-free systems that are a viable alternative to the most common Aurora HVAC installations;
  • Contractors offering at least three levels of agreements – for AC and furnace maintenance, various checkups and the waiving of charges for small repairs, and VIP plans with discounted components and other similar offers.
  • Companies that have at least 5 years of experience fixing HVAC units, and are able to provide you with a viable level of quality, while ensuring your AC and furnace unit can be repaired in the shortest possible time.


With some of the best HVAC services in your area, you’ll find it extremely easy to locate reliable contractors who can help you with each and every one of the benefits listed above, and a quick phone call is all you need to get the right technicians to check up on your HVAC.

Choosing Tankless Water Heaters – Denver Experiences

When it comes to choosing the most suitable tankless water heaters, Denver certainly provides a lot of options. You can choose to get an electric heater, a gas operated heater and there are numerous size variations, too. Each of these types comes with specific advantages and disadvantages, so the best way to get what you want is by turning to a professional.


I love doing all sorts of DIY chores around the house, but when it came to choosing and installing tankless heaters in our family home, I hired an expert. There are so many aspects and so many technical parameters to take into consideration before choosing a heater and making the wrong choice will so seriously affect the comfort you can enjoy in your home that I did not dare to venture into buying the appliance alone. The guy I hired came to see the house and I told him what I wanted. He made some quick calculations, then the following day he came back with a catalogue and showed me the units he considered to best suit our requirements. We chose one together, then he went out to buy it for us and he returned to install it.


The unit is just what we wanted; it is reliable and produces the right quantity of water instantly, whenever you turn on the tap. When it comes to tankless water heaters, Denver is certainly the best place, in terms of the heaters available and in terms of the experts you can find in town, too.  For plumbing services, call