New owner of Bingham’s Kennebec Mill has big plans


The former Kennebec Mill has been bought by a local entrepreneur with dreams enough to fill the cavernous walls of the old silo and dusty storage spaces. Jay Strickland, 59, has taken over the mill, a vacant property that the town took in a foreclosure after lifetimes of wood production and processing.

He plans to open a sandblasting and equipment repair business, a water bottling facility and an agricultural co-op.

Source: Morning Sentinel

What You Need or What You Want –Chevrolet Denver Dealers Will Solve This Dilemma

When you decide to buy a new car, there is always a struggle inside you, because your dreams are always limited by your financial resources. In such moments, the advice coming from another person is pure gold. It helps you make a proper decision, because the other person is not constrained by your way of thinking and may see things clearer.

If you go to a Chevy dealer, Denver being the city where these dealers are extremely well trained to explain to people why a certain car is what they really need, you will get your slice of happiness together with a brand new Chevy. But this will not happen until you explain to your dealer what you really want.

You are the one to know the number of passengers to be carried and the length of your commute. You know better than anyone else if you will only drive around town, off road, or simply freeway. Will there be some driving in snow or ice? Is fuel economy the key factor for your family? At this point of the discussion, clients usually realize that they are rather tempted to choose a car for its styling, and not for its functionality. The dealer has finished their role and now it is up to you to buy the car that you need.

See for more information.

Some Problems That Any Aurora HVAC Company Should Be Able To Deal With

There are some problems that are fairly easy to deal with, even without the help of a professional service provider, but, if you encounter one of the following HVAC issues, you should definitely take into consideration turning to an Aurora HVAC contractor.

A Worn Out Contactor

First of all, you should know that there are three contactors in a HVAC unit. They are very important when it comes to cooling or heating, so if any of them breaks down, there are many chances for the entire HVAC system to collapse. Usually, the problems are related to overheating, so, whenever you see this sort of problem, contact some professionals.

Gas Valve

Usually, you will have no problems with your gas valve for a long period of time, but when you see signs of corrosion, it must be replaced. This is a complicated operation, and only professionals should do it.

Blown Fuses

These are also very important parts, which may lead to overheating and get damaged faster than contactors. Whenever something is wrong with your HVAC system, these are the first parts that should be checked.

In order to make sure the operations are performed correctly, turn to an Aurora HVAC team,

Access Courses Help You Easily Create Work Reports

If you want to avoid the pain of organizing information into long, unintelligible reports, then a few Access courses could be the long-awaited help you have been hoping for.

Microsoft Access offers you the possibility to have your report automatically drawn, thanks to the “Report” function from the “Create tab” button. This auto-report will contain all the data in the database, yet not organized. If you are looking for a tool to make your process of creating a report easier, then you can go with “Report Wizard”, which will provide step-by-step instructions for a successful, well-organized report. Or you can try and customize the report however you want, using the “Black Report” function.

Once you have the layout of the new report, you need it to connect to a source from which it will extract information you want, easily done if you press ALT and Enter at the same time. Once the source is established, you need to provide your report with fields and groups, which can help you greatly with organizing the information. Fields can be added through drag and drop while groups can be created if you click right on any part of the field.

After all these steps have been completed, you must make sure that the design and the text fit well together – Access courses can help you with that issue, too – if they do, save the report and send it to the printer : your boss will definitely be impressed!



Treating Your Symptoms By Enlisting The Services Of A Denver Psychiatrist

If you’re having severe symptoms that are affecting your everyday life, you should turn to a Denver psychiatrist for help. You will be able to start a proper treatment and eliminate the problems that are taking their toll on your life.

Most people are afraid to get help since they are either ashamed and embarrassed, or they don’t trust psychiatrists. One thing to note is that these specialists aren’t the one portrayed in movies, they won’t just stuff you with pills and send you home. First and foremost, these people are doctors, and have spend countless years of their lives studying and improving their skills. They will try to figure out what’s wrong with you with both medical tests and counseling.

While medication isn’t the best answer to everything, in some cases, it is needed, since your body isn’t able to produce some chemicals, or it overproduces others. That’s what many people don’t know, that depression, anxiety and even addiction can be caused by malfunctions in the metabolism, and therapy might not be enough.

Choose to get professional help for your symptoms. If you want to find a good psychiatrist, should provide you with the right help for your needs.

Checking For Cracks, Root Intrusions And Other Problems through Denver Sewer Scopes

If you want to save yourself from the frustration of having to experience sewer spillages and other problems, you should get your pipeline inspected regularly with the help of Denver sewer scopes.

A sewer scope inspection, or a video inspection is a process in which a camera that is mounted on a flexible rod is sent down your pipes. By doing so, and expert is able to see the interior of your pipes, and he can tell you if he spots any damage signs such as rust, cracks or root intrusions.

A sewer scope inspection isn’t expensive, and it can save you a lot of money. Not only will you know if there is a problem early on and be able to fix it, but you will also be saved from costly re-piping jobs or having to destroy your lawn, since these inspections are able to tell you exactly where the problem occurs.

In the end, you not only be able to save money, but you will also get peace of mind, knowing that your pipes won’t be causing you any trouble in the near future. So don’t wait until it’s too late, and have your pipes inspected with the help of Denver sewer scopes.

For contact information, go to

Get The Best Divorce Attorney When Things Go Rough

A marriage ending is a very complicated procedure, legally speaking (and not only), as you must consider property division, alimony and negotiations for child custody; to be sure that you are impartially treated, you must have your own divorce attorney Denver expert to represent you in court.

Your attorney will help you deal with the legal details and to come to an affordable agreement between you and your husband or wife. The lawyer will assist you in the actual procedure of filing for divorce, which means preparing a petition which will be presented to the court in your home state.

An important thing to consider is that the same law firm or lawyer cannot represent both sides at a trial, so you must regard who is the other side’s legal counselor. There are actually some exceptions from this rule, but never the same lawyer could fully represent both sides.

Although this is an event that no one wants to happen, it is better to act wisely at the right time, so things won’t get worse in time. Having a good, experienced divorce attorney by your side will surely put you on the winning side in court.

Garage Door Repair Denver Professionals Advise You How to Maintain Electric Garage Doors

For some people, electric garage doors are a necessity, but others cannot afford them and see them as a luxury. However, it is very easy and convenient to just sit in the car and open the garage door instead of getting out and pressing the button. Although electric doors have a long lifespan, you can extend it with proper maintenance.

How Do You Maintain Electric Garage Doors?

  1. Clean your wooden or metal door using a soft brush or some dish detergent. Professionals also advise you to paint wooden doors every few years.
  2. To ensure a smooth glide on the tracks, prevent the moving parts from rusting. Apply motor oil regularly on the springs, chains, rollers and hinges.
  3. Tighten any loose screws or bolts. If you do not take this job seriously and maintain the doors annually or twice a year, they can become dangerous for your family, especially for your children.
  4.  Check your owner’s manuals. Your garage doors may have special maintenance requirements, and it is important that you comply with them.

If you find these tasks too hard or time consuming, you can always call Denver garage door repair professionals to do the work for you.

Find Garage Door professionals at

When You Are Caught Driving under the Influence, Hire a DUI Attorney – Denver Hosts Numerous Professionals

Driving under the influence, or DUI, as it is also known, is a serious charge that you should not ignore. It refers to an illegal act consisting of driving while being impaired by alcohol or drugs, or both. A conviction following driving under the influence can have sever consequences, resulting in fines that you have to pay, probation, or community service. In certain cases, it could also mean putting you in jail.

When you are caught driving under the influence in Denver, it is very important to know what your options and rights are, in order to be able to fight your DUI charge successfully. The best thing to do on such occasions is to find a DUI lawyer Denver expert to defend your case.

No matter how good you think you are at knowing how DUI charges can be confuted, it is the attorney that has the necessary legal knowledge to fight such cases efficiently. There are a lot of tricks that you surely do not know, but a DUI lawyer is aware of. In order to have your chances correctly defended, hire a DUI attorney.

Be Fancy with a Ford F-150 Special Model

If you are a fan of Ford cars, you should definitely purchase a Ford F-150 special edition model. See Ford always spoils its fans with new models and improved technologies. So far, they have released several F-150 special models.

  • Harley-Davidson;
  • King Ranch;
  • Platinum ;
  • Limited Edition.

The latest special model, released in 2013, is the F-150 Limited. It was made in three different versions: XLT, Lariat and FX4. They all have an automatic transmission and an EcoBoost V 6, 3.5-liter engine with 365 horsepower. They are actually super crews, offering a lot of space, both in the front and on the back seats. They are also economical, making 22 miles per gallon on the highways.

The design is also changed. The wheels are 22 inch and polished in aluminum, and the exterior is available in three wonderful colors: Ruby Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat, Tuxedo Black Metallic and White Platinum Metallic Tri-Coat. This type of car is more luxurious than the previous models.

Ford also announced the launch of the F-150 SVT Raptor limited edition for this year. The Raptor model was released in 2009 and improved year by year. The 2014 model does not promise any mechanical upgrades, but just some improvements in style. It will still have a 6.2 liter V8 engine with 411 horsepower.

Being a Ford fan makes you special, so buy the Ford F-150 special model right away! Call the experts at Longmont Ford to get the truck of your dreams today.

Taking Advantage Of The Best Colorado Mortgage Rates And Getting Your Dream House

If you have always wanted your own place, but couldn’t afford to get a home so far, then your best bet in being able to do so is to take advantage of the best Colorado mortgage rates and get a loan. It will allow you to make that important purchase and to spread the payment over many years.

With the current situation of most people and the prices of houses, it is highly unlikely to be able to afford a home, unless you are one of the rich or lucky ones. Even saving money for a deposit might be quite difficult for some people. Fortunately, there is the option to turn to a lender for help.

There are quite a few ways to get a mortgage. If your financial situation isn’t looking so great right now, but there are great prospects in the future, then you can try to get an interest only mortgage which would have you pay only the interest rate each month. If your income is more stable, then you can get a normal mortgage and choose the shortest term you can afford to pay.

So don’t hesitate, apply for a loan which offers the best Colorado mortgage rates and get the place you’ve been wanting for so long, contact them at

Storage Containers Colorado Springs: The Convenient and Cost Effective way for Moving

There are quite a lot of situations where moving to another location can become a hectic and difficult task and this is especially true when there is a need for the storage of personal belongings. However, one very convenient item that is a fine asset to have when moving turns out to be a hassle is through the use of storage containers and one way towards achieving this goal is from storage containers Colorado Springs.

Through the use of these storage containers, you will never need to have concern of ever relying on the high cost of moving trucks again. Also these types of items for storage makes moving less stressful and creates a way to prepare for moving with a better means of organization and due to the fact that you will only need to load and unload from ground level helps to make moving a more easier task.

There are other nice benefits that go along with the use of these storage containers, as they require only a small amount of effort to load and unload and they can easily fit into any driveway. These storage containers are also able to tolerate various weather conditions and are very secure for a safe means of transportation, making them an ideal choice for moving personal and even valuable items.

Due to the fact that they are portable are in high demand and this makes them quite a popular product for those who wish to move things without hiring a moving company and this also creates a lot of competition, which then leads to the consumer being able to find them at an affordable cost.

Whether you are moving your items to another office or home, then the best and most effective means towards this kind of project is easy to achieve through the use of storage containers Colorado Springs, which offers a safer and secure way for moving that is convenient and cost effective.

Colorado Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

There are times when people may be faced with different types of motorcycle accidents. Since these often involve different types of complications, victims don’t want to spend their time thinking about some of the different types of issues that they might be facing. This will give people the opportunity to simply choose the best overall service package that will suit their needs. Many legal professionals will be offering some contract rates that will give people the security that they need. This will go a long way towards helping people find out more information about the different types of guidance available to them.

Most people will want to secure support to identify the best all around options going forward. Most clients will expect that the courtroom process will be faced with a few different types of challenges. Most people will want to secure support to complete a few different types of projects. This will give people an opportunity to just think about the best overall options that will suit their needs. Most people will want to think about how they can work with a service team in their area soon as well. These legal professionals will be able to guide people towards making the best overall choice that will help them choose the best options going forward.

These legal professionals should ideally be able to anticipate all related issues that come up during the course of a court case. This will help people make sure that they are working with the best all around service support system going forward. Most people will appreciate that they can secure the right kind of Colorado motorcycle accident lawyer. They will simply need to read up on some of the customer reviews available to people out there. This will give everyone the opportunity that they need to simply learn more information soon.

For more legal help, contact –

Sports Rumors Today

If you want to find the latest sports rumors, news on your favorite teams, the player news, stories, and anything else that has to do with sports, you have to turn to the right, reliable, and trusted sources. You can either get your sports rumors and news from print media, online media, or TV. It is best to use all sources, and to turn to reliable and trusted sources, so that you know the stories you do hear, are accurate. And, when you are using all three of the sources, you can either confirm or deny what you are hearing or reading, so you can quickly find out if a story is true or not. Due to the fact that you may hear sports rumors from other fans, or you can hear them from the news, trying to create a story, you have to go to a reliable source, so that you can find out if it is a true story, or if the media is just trying to stir up controversy or create a story for the fans to talk about and for them to watch a program or read their site.

You can get your news and information on sports from so many sources; it is a good idea to use all of these sources, so that you can find the most relevant, the most reliable, and the most up to date news stories, as they are happening in the world of sports. When you use more than one sport source, you not only have the ability to confirm the sports rumors, you are also going to find out quickly if a story that you have seen or read is false, or if it is a story that might have some truth to it in the world of sports.

Qualities of the Best Denver Sports Bar

There are various magnificent sports bar in Denver; however, for a person who is new in the town, it is necessary to first know standards of the best qualities of a sport bar in town. Since people go to sports bars for various reasons, it is then critical for a sports bar to incorporate all interests. The need may range from fast food, luxury and serene atmosphere. Here are some important qualities that an individual must look for when choosing a Denver sports bar.

Exciting gaming atmosphere: In most cases it is the love for the game that attracts people to sports bars. Games such as football and basketball command great following and many people prefer to watch these games in company of others. Therefore, a Denver sports bar should be able to provide comfort and exhilarating ambiance to these fans. A sport bar in Denver should provide an environment for fans to cheer loud and heartily for the teams of their choice. In addition, the best Denver sports bar should as well offer the environment that friends and strangers alike can feel united as one for the love of the game.

Exceptional TV for Exhilarating Views: The best sports bar in Denver should have the capacity to broadcast special games and sporting events that are not found on common cable channels. Therefore, the sports bar should be in a position to offer such exceptional services at no additional cost. Furthermore, they should have bigger screens since most sports bar have adopted the use of HDTVs to show various sports.

Security of the sports bar should not be compromised. Since sports attract people from different walks of life, the Denver sports bar should ensure that the security of everybody is guaranteed and that no individual abuses the opportunity to carry out criminal activities.

The best Denver sports bar should charge competitive rates both for players and fans who come in to play and watch different games. They should also provide services worth the amount they charge. In conclusion, a sports fan or a video gamer should inquire widely and make an informed choice.


Buying The Right House With The Help Of Denver Sewer Scopes

If you are interested in buying a home which isn’t new, you should know that among the most important things you should do prior to buying it would be to perform an inspection on the sewage system with Denver sewer scopes.

Many old houses have problems with their sewage systems, problems which are impossible to detect from the outside. This is why you should ensure that you will not have to invest in a new sewage system by performing a sewer scope inspection.

During a sewer scope, a professional plumber will inspect the interior of the sewage pipes with the help of a cable with a camera attached. He will go all the way to the septic tank or municipal sewers and inspect the interior of the pipes, making sure there are no cracks, clogs or root intrusions. If, however, problems are spotted, you can determine if the house is worth the additional investment or not, but at least you know what you’re up against.

So if you want to make sure that you are buying a fine property with no serious problems, you should also check the sewage system of the new home with the help of Denver sewer scopes.

Mold Removal and Vinegar

Are you facing allergy problems like sneezing, nasal congestion or sore eyes? Are these allergic reactions worse when you are at home than when you go out? If so, you could have mold and you should take the appropriate measures. If you ignore it and you do not take care of it, this problem will become even bigger.

When you see mold growth, do not ignore it, take action before it spreads because excessive mold is more difficult to get rid of and it can cause serious health problems.

How You Can Get Rid Of Mold

One of the most used mold remediation solutions is vinegar – Yes, as you have heard, vinegar, a natural and safe product. All you have to do is:

  1. Pour vinegar into a spray bottle, without adding water;
  2. Spray it onto the mold covered surfaces;
  3. Leave it there to act for an hour;
  4. Clean the surface with water and let it dry. Do not worry: the smell will disappear within a few hours.

Vinegar can also be used as a prevention measure. If you want to prevent mold from appearing, all you have to do is spray vinegar on the exposed surfaces.

Assisted Living Aurora – How Can You Find a Good Facility?

Finding a suitable facility is easier than convincing your loved ones to turn to assisted living. However, it is pretty hard to know where to begin when you want to find an affordable one that has all the services you or your senior member need. So, how can you find such facilities?

Even if you do not have siblings or other family members that can join you when searching a facility, you can do it by yourself. The first thing you should do is to find out more about the Ombudsman Program. Ask your friends or doctor about it. This program will ease your job and will help you find either assisted living facilities or quality nursing homes in Aurora. More than this, if you are not pleased with the services of a facility, you can get an ombudsman that will investigate the problem and solve your situation.

Other sources that can help you in finding a good facility are the hospital discharge planners, the elder care advocates, the local cancer organizations or the Joint Commission. Take your time and search until you find a facility that will fulfill your needs and respect you as a person.

All You Need to Know about Denver HVAC Companies

As in every big city, when it comes to any kind of problem related to furnace repair Denver has plenty of truly professional companies to help you, and believe me, you will certainly need their help eventually for your HVAC system. Why is that? Well, very simply, you will probably lack three important things when it comes to dealing with any kind of HVAC problem.

First of all, there is the fact that you will not have all the necessary tools in order to deal with your problem. There are all kinds of electronic gadgets that are used when you have to deal with your HVAC system.

The second thing that matters is that you will probably not have the protective equipment that is required in order to assure your personal safety while working on the system.

Finally, maybe the most important thing that matters when it comes to fixing your HVAC system is that you probably do not have any knowledge of how to do it.

So, as you can see, it would be recommended for you to turn to a professional Denver furnace repair company that will take care of everything for you.  For more information, please contact

Denver Roofing Experts’ Tips to Avoid Roof Leaks

No one can give you more important tips on how to protect your roof than the best Denver roofing contractors. These people have a lot of experience in the field, proper knowledge to understand any roof-related issue and special skills to fix them properly. When it comes to leaks, there are a few tips you can use to prevent their occurrence.

One of the most important things for you to keep in mind is the roofing system: it should be durable and resistant. More than that, you need to make sure that it is properly installed.

Ventilation is also important for the functionality of this part of the house. Why is ventilation in the attic so important? The answer is very simple. The temperature in the attic has to be almost the same with the temperature outside, in order to avoid your roofing material’s wear and tear.

Maintaining your roof is also important for leaks prevention. No matter if you have metal, clay tiles, asphalt shingles or wooden shakes, each roof has weak points that need special attention, including here the eaves, corners, ridges and valleys.

A good roofing inspector knows that these areas need to be checked and maintained properly. More than that, all tree branches hanging over the roof must be trimmed, and dirt and debris should be removed periodically. Your Denver roofing contractor can help you accomplish all these tasks in a professional way.

Caught Driving after Drinking? Contact a Reliable DUI Attorney, Denver-Based

The police caught you with a high BAC while driving. What can you do about it?

The first thought is to admit you are guilty and face legal consequences. Depending on your alcohol level and the eventual consequences of your drunken driving, penalties might include a fine, community service or even jail.

But, let’s stop and think for a while! What if your BAC is low or even zero and the police arrested you without any reason? Or, what if the breath analyzer used to measure your alcohol level does not work properly? Or, maybe you drank a bit, but you were pulled over with no reason.

There are many such things that can occur. Even the police can make mistakes. This is why you should always contact a reliable Denver DUI lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected and that the penalty is really deserved.

A good attorney can get all the evidence necessary to support your cause and has the connections needed to help you get a more reasonable punishment, or even avoid one. Having professional representation in the courtroom is always better than self-representation.

A DUI charge might cost you more than necessary. So, call a professional lawyer to provide you with the assistance you need in order to avoid that.

Is There More than One Type of Underground Wire Locator?

The cable locating devices gain ground as the contractors try to follow the rules to run a well respected business. Once the contractor accepts a project, he will take all the responsibilities of it, therefore, he should record the information on the site plan.

Before hiring a technician to handle an underground wire locator, you should know that there are more types of wire locators. For instance:

  • Hum Devices – they spot the magnetic field that is usually radiated by live electricity cables. However, they are efficient when the current is running through the cables.
  • Radio Frequency Detectors – they react to low-frequency radio signals. These signals can be received and re-emitted by cables and long, metallic pipes. Unfortunately, the result may be confusing, because other metallic object can re-radiate the signal.
  • Transmitter-Receivers – they are smaller than the other and they can be connected to a cable or pipe. They are more difficult to handle, so a professional is needed.
  • Metal Detectors – they locate flat metal covers or joint boxes. Unfortunately, they cannot detect round cables and pipes.

Talk to a well-informed technician and find the best underground cable locator for you.




Highlands Ranch HVAC Providers

Most modern homes will have an HVAC system set up, which will deliver cool or hot air to the interior of the building. This can help keep people feeling comfortable for almost any season. There are a number of different ways that people can improve the performance of their HVAC units. They may also need to get linked up with some routine repairs, which can provide people with the help that they need. It can be important to find the right furnace repair Highlands Ranch CO businesses, who may be willing to provide repairs to any locals in the area at any time of the year.

It would be best if you could find a company that could offer a general inspection service, which could be done at regular intervals. Think about having this set up soon, since you may be impressed by how effective it can be at spotting different issues. You may need to act on these issues soon, so they don’t cause more severe problems to emerge later. Talk to a company in your area, who may be able to guide you through some of the basic steps you could take to get these repairs done. They will typically know how soon a repair should be done, and may be able to lend their services to you.

Don’t forget to read the reviews for the Highlands Ranch HVAC provider in your area. They will typically have accumulated good or bad reviews, based on their past performance with different customers. You can read through these reviews, but be sure to talk to the company themselves to get their perspective on these repairs. They may be able to show you some of the different repairs that can be done, if you want your home to get back in to good shape again. Call on Total Comfort

Make Your Life Easier By Installing Garage Floor Coating

We all live in a world that is extremely demanding. There are many things that need to be done, all in the short 24 hours of a single day, so any form of help to reduce the burden is welcome.

If you feel like you might use a helping hand as well, you might be interested in using garage floor coating to make cleaning around the house easier. You will be surprised at how much time you can save by using a non-porous layer, that will not absorb water and that is immune to stains. The benefits are so great that many homeowners have started using epoxy garage floor coating in larger areas around the house like basements, storage rooms or even kitchens.

It looks great, it comes in pastel colors, but also bold ones, like emerald green or bright red, so why not treat yourself with an extra 30 minutes or an hour of free time, by reducing cleaning time? All you have to do is wipe it with a standard degreaser and that is all! No harsh substances required, no more rubbing the floors, just use the mop and you are done!

Some Useful Information about Replacement Windows: Denver Specialists Can Help You at Any Time

When they hear about replacement windows Denver homeowners believe they are not as informed as they should be. That is why the great majority decide to get some contractors to help with the work. If you think more about this, a window company will finish the installation much more easily and quickly than you can learn to do it.

In theory, people save money by doing this without any professional help, but the reality is that besides the cost of materials you have to use, there are some tools which have to be bought, too. It is advised to search more about materials because sometimes you can find some good products at very low prices.

Specialists highly recommend people to use vinyl windows, even though you will not get the classic look that wood can create. A main advantage of vinyl windows is the cost, which is less expensive than wood, and you do not have to paint it. Another option is metal ones.

In Denver window replacement is requested often by homeowners, and a good contractor will do the best thing for you and your house.

A Westminster Electrician Is The Best Electrician That Money Can Hire

If you think that you know or have tried the best electricians in the field, this means that you have not met a Westminster electrician yet. Equipped only with the best and latest gear in the field and with many years of experience in electrical requirements, the electricians from Westminster are better prepared to face your problems, no matter how difficult they are. Short circuits, sockets and switches that make noises, appliances that knock out your circuit or overheated cables are only some of the electrical inconveniences that can appear when you expect less. If you know who to call in those moments, in less than an hour, the requested electrician will be at your house and sooner than you think you will feel comfortable again in your own house. However, you should not be very demanding with the electrician you hire, because some problems may be more difficult and complex than others, therefore the amount of time to solve them will increase significantly, from a couple of hours to a few days. If you choose to save money and time by working only with professionals who can guarantee for their jobs, than a electrician Westminster company will not make you regret your decision.