New owner of Bingham’s Kennebec Mill has big plans


The former Kennebec Mill has been bought by a local entrepreneur with dreams enough to fill the cavernous walls of the old silo and dusty storage spaces. Jay Strickland, 59, has taken over the mill, a vacant property that the town took in a foreclosure after lifetimes of wood production and processing.

He plans to open a sandblasting and equipment repair business, a water bottling facility and an agricultural co-op.

Source: Morning Sentinel

Make Moving Easier with Denver Relocation Services

Moving can be a real nightmare, but, nevertheless, many Americans do it at least once in a lifetime. The reasons vary – better job, better opportunities, family, leaving something behind, longing for a something new and exciting; people change place for all kinds of reasons.

If your path has brought you to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, in the beautiful city of Denver than you can consider yourself lucky. Besides being a prosperous metropolis, with interesting attractions and an eventful history, Denver is also home to hundreds of high quality service providers.

Relocations companies like, work closely with Denver real estate agents to make sure they offer the best options to those searching for a new home. The task of looking for a new property can be quite daunting in your own city, the place you know like the back of your hand. Just imagine how much more intimidating can be in a new city, in a place where you do not know people.

But you should not let the unknown discourage you. Start with small steps – look for a good realtor and you will see how all the other pieces of the puzzle will fall in their places.

Granite Countertops and Sealers – Debunking Common Myths

When browsing wholesale builder supplies, it is not uncommon to see how often granite sealers are advertised alongside these countertops. But are they really worth the money? Here is what you need to know about granite sealers:

Sealers do not actually prevent stains

Many homeowners believe that if they invest in granite sealers for their countertops they will no longer have to worry about them getting stained. However, it is not as simple as that. Contrary to popular belief, sealers are used to slow down the rate at which granite absorbs liquids, thus helping it prevent the formation of stains, but only for a limited time.

While a sealer does not offer the ultimate protection, it does its job right. As long as you keep on applying it on a regular basis, your countertops should be fine.

Sealers do not make the surface of your countertops shiny

This is something all homeowners need to understand. To achieve that shiny surface, you need to use diamond abrasives. Otherwise, it is just not doable.

Sealers will not keep your countertops safe from etching

According to countertops Denver experts, granite sealers cannot protect countertops from physical damage because they have nothing to do with it.

Following A Schedule Given By A Nutritionist In Denver

If you want your diet to work, you should also talk to a nutritionist in Denver and listen to his advice. You may be eating the right ingredients, but there is a specific schedule you need to follow.

Firstly, plan out your day. Write down what you have to do and see when you can fit in your meals. You should have at least 4 balanced meals per day, including a snack.

Start your day with a slice of wheat bread, a hardboiled egg, a slice of light cheese and a cup of tea or coffee – unsweetened. This must be consumed until 9:00 am. If you are a morning person, you can also include a 30-minute workout before you eat.

Lunch should be a bit more consistent. If you can, prepare yourself a light vegetable salad with a piece of grilled chicken or veal. The meat should be in small portions at first, whereas the salad can be eaten bigger quantities. During the day, you can have a snack, like a piece of fruit or some walnuts. As for dinner, keep it casual with a yoghurt and an apple.  For great eating habits, check

Follow the advice of a good nutritionist in Denver and stick to your schedule, and you will be in shape in no time.

Alcohol Treatment Systems – How They Work

Alcohol treatment systems like Go Sober consist of different kinds of approaches to dealing with alcohol addiction. The treatments are complex and differ from each other, depending on the severity of the affliction and on the patients themselves.

At the base of each treatment, there is an assessment done by specialists. This assessment is done through an interview, during which the counselor tries to determine how alcohol is affecting all the major life areas of the assessed person: marital and family relationships, friendships, other social relationships, health, education/employment, financial, leisure, legal status.

As the interview is the basis for the following treatment plan, the specialist will try to be as thorough as possible. Some questions or topics of discussion might seem too personal, but honesty and “full disclosure” are advised. For the specialists to be able to help, they need to know all the details they inquire about; they do not do it out of curiosity.

After the interview, the specialist, together with the patient, will design a treatment plan meant to tackle the issue step by step. Dedication from both the patient and the specialist is needed in order for the alcohol treatment systems to be successful.

Denver Roofing Contractors and the Great Services They Offer

Denver roofing contractors are not only very knowledgeable of their trade – they are also very understanding and helpful. We needed help from one of these extraordinary guys last year and the services we received were the best.


One of the storms that hit the city last year damaged the single-ply metal roof on our garage to such an extent that it could not be repaired any longer. We needed a roofer who specialized in metal roofs and luckily we found an expert at, who worked from just a few blocks away from us. We called him and invited him to have a look at the building – he inspected the damaged roof, made a quick cost estimate and the following day he got down to work. The replacement took only a few days and to our biggest surprise, when the replacement was done, the guy removed all the debris generated during the replacement and cleaned the yard, too.


If you need a good roofer, Denver roofing contractors are great – find the contractor who specializes in the type of roofing you have, ask him to come and check the future job site and if he accepts the project, you will surely be offered the best service.

Why You Should Choose Hormone Replacement Therapy

Night sweats, loss of sleep, mood swings and hot flashes are what usually comes when you reach that point in womanhood where your body does not produce enough estrogen but thankfully there are ways to avoid these symptoms, one of them being hormone replacement therapy.

If you are in your late 30’s and are still not sure if you should seek out treatment, then here are a couple of situations where hormone therapy is advised. There is no right treatment, though, as it varies from age, type of menopause and time since menopause. Losing bone mass and not getting better after following numerous treatments usually points to osteoporosis, the risk being higher for women who have not used HRT until the age of 45 especially. Women who experience an earlier menopause, which would mean before 40, are more prone to depression, heart disease and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Talk to your doctor and decide together which type of hormone treatment is best for you. It is worth noting that such treatment needs to be carefully picked. If you are older than 45, then you should use little doses to treat the symptoms. If you are younger and present menopausal symptoms, your doctor may prescribe a longer-term hormone replacement therapy.

Men also have the help they need with testosterone replacement therapy Denver clinics offer as well.

The Truth and Nothing but the Truth: Disclosing Personal Secrets to Your Denver Estate Planning Attorney

When discussing your wishes for the disposal of your real estate properties and personal assets with your Denver estate planning attorney, you are tempted to keep things as simple as possible. Even if you know that there are some unpleasant secrets, such as a previous relationship and a possible heir from an extra-marital relationship, you would rather keep silent about them and save face. Every estate planner’s firm advice in this respect is: tell the whole truth.

Avoiding the Unavoidable

If you fail to provide for legal heirs outside your family unit, you do not keep them secret forever. You only prolong the moment when your family will find out – in a shocking and embarrassing manner – about their existence. Make no mistake: news of your death will become public, especially in the era of fast online data sharing and social media.  For help in containing your personal information, go to

If you fail to include everyone entitled to a share of your estate in your will, they will eventually show themselves and drag your mourning family into a long and bitter legal battle. Your reputation will receive a worse blow after your death than the consequences you may suffer if you decide to do what is right while you still have the control over the situation.

Therefore, the best choice is to be open and honest to your Denver estate planning attorney concerning all the family secrets you have been hiding for years.

Denver Financial And Retirement Planning – Retirement Planning For Women

Unfortunately, people commonly avoid talking about retirement and, according to Denver financial and retirement planning specialists, the lack of a good plan is the first cause of retirement poverty.

Today, a woman must already know where she stands, financially. The time when she was fully dependent on her husband are gone and she must work for her own dignity and be proactive, even with a partner by her side. The future is unknown, and it is important to plan as best as she can and save for a comfortable retirement.

Women should constantly ask themselves about how much money they are going to need after retirement, if their money will last a lifetime, if they really know how to manage their earnings and investments in order to meet long-term needs and goals. Historically speaking, women have generally not been as actively informed about financial and retirement planning, relying almost entirely on their spouse in this matter, but today things have changed and they take control of their own future.  Talk to

Of course, there are challenges and a certain degree of anxiety involved in the process, but working with a Denver financial and retirement planning consultant will help them find out more about their options in order to improve their future.


Types of Denver Personal Injury Attorneys

There are many types of Denver personal injury attorneys out there waiting for their next client to walk through the door. Such lawyers provide representation as a legal party to people who have suffered injuries or psychological harm caused by another person, enterprise, or entity, no matter what the reason was.

Being considered legal parties or representatives of the law, attorneys have strict ethical standards, professional norms and conduct codes they must abide by anytime.

In many law firms, tenured lawyers let beginners handle simpler cases, which, based on their experience, are a sure win. Styles and strategies will differ from one attorney to another.

For example, old-school lawyers will tend to reach court rather than settle outside of it.

Some will act as mediators themselves and others will gladly settle before going to court. Some will be more inclined to help and fight for the plaintiffs, the injured parties, whereas several will advocate for the defendants, the ones entitled to the benefit of doubt.

After the above separations have been made, Denver personal injury attorneys can be differentiated based on what cases they prefer, such as general accidents, medical errors, mass torts and more. Look here for additional information about the legal process

Self-Representation vs. Hiring a Denver DUI Attorney – What Is the Best Strategy?

Paying for the services DUI lawyers provide, some people say, is not worth it, not as long as they have the possibility to defend themselves in court. However, self-representation is not a good idea.


Here some reasons why you should consider hiring a legal counselor who has DUI as main specialization:


First things first, the court filing procedures are numerous and very difficult to understand for someone who does not have experience in the field. Skipping a procedural step, no matter how unimportant it may seem at first sight, may cost you a lot. Managing paperwork is another thing a criminal defense attorney who works with DUI cases on a regular basis does better than you.


Besides the federal law, applicable everywhere, each state has its own legal stipulations regarding DUI. Unlike someone who does not work in the field, a seasoned attorney knows how to put their clients in a favorable light, invoking law stipulations in their favor.


In some cases, the prosecution’s strategy can have flaws that only a professional will notice. Exploiting these flaws can gain you, if not exoneration, at least a considerably reduced fine or a much shorter driving license suspension period. This is not possible, however, if you rely on self-representation as a solution for getting rid of DUI charges.

To get legal help call

According to Technicians in Denver, Boilers Need Regular Maintenance to Work Properly

For many people in Denver, boilers are a unique source of heat during the harsh winters that often come in Colorado. Specialists in heating equipment say that boilers should not be left unmaintained because they could experience breakdowns with serious consequences on the comfort and safety of the inhabitants of the respective homes.

There are plenty of companies specialized in repairing, installing and retrofitting boilers, as well as other hot water heating equipment for apartment buildings, residences, condominiums or light commercial properties situated in Denver and its neighborhood.

Technicians say that they often discover heating systems that could have lasted many years longer if their owners had decided to offer them regular service, testing and cleaning performed by trained professionals.

Homeowners should be aware that periodic maintenance and testing of their boilers is not only crucial to the longevity of their heating systems, but is an absolute requirement to ensure the safety of their homes and families.

Carbon monoxide leaks are extremely dangerous and could occur if the chimneys and vents are not installed properly and the gas is not evacuated quickly. Unfortunately boilers Denver home owners neglect have been a source of hazard and have caused serious accidents due to lack of maintenance.

Getting Your Heating Fixed With The Best Parker HVAC Professionals

If your furnace is playing tricks on you and you just can’t wait to play these games with winter just around the corner, then you should definitely call a local Parker HVAC company to come by and see what the malfunction is. Doing so will ensure that you won’t be stuck without heating in the cold winter nights while also saving you money in the long run.

The truth is that many homeowners don’t consider getting their furnaces inspected as important as it actually is. Your heating is vital not just in winter, but year round. A malfunction will prevent you from using hot water and it can also mean serious business if the heater is gas-based. The last thing you want is to have a fire in your home just because you failed to hire a Highlands Ranch, Littleton or Parker technician to have a look at it for the cost of a few bucks.

There are quite a few HVAC experts in your area, so don’t hesitate to ask one for help. Get a Parker or Littleton technician to come by and look at your heating and cooling system and have him perform repairs if needed, you will thank yourself for doing so later on.

Reasons Why You Should Benefit From The Effects Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

If you are going through this difficult period in your life and menopause related symptoms have started to affect you every day, then you should learn about the positive effects of hormone replacement therapy and the benefits of finding a reliable clinic to get it.

Perhaps some of the most common problems women experience during the early onset of menopause are vasomotor symptoms. These are associated with sweating, hot flushes caused by a sudden increase in blood pressure as well as cardiovascular problems. The symptoms may persist for a few months up to a year or more, and they can affect everyday life. Sleeping may also be disturbed due to these hot flushes and they may also be a cause of concern when occurring in public.

With the help of hormone replacement treatment you can make sure that the body won’t be causing you all these problems again so that you will definitely be able to improve your life. You’d be glad to know that this treatment also decreases the risk for developing serious conditions such as osteoporosis or cardiovascular diseases. So get the best hormone replacement therapy now and regain your normal life again.  Call for immediate relief.

The Benefits of Working with the Best Commercial Roofing Contractors in Denver

Commercial roofing contractors in Denver provide the best, quickest and most professional services of repair and installation in the entire state – I needed commercial roofing services last month, so my experiences are not only the best, but quite fresh as well.

I have a small gift shop that I operate from a small building that has metal roofing. I never thought I should do any repairs or maintenance on the roof, so I learned the hard way that in fact I neglected the weakest part of my facility. I storm took off about a third of the roof, so I needed an expert to fix my metal roof quickly, before another storm came. The roofer I hired came to check the roof, then he put up a temporary roofing cover to prevent water damage. The following day he came back to do the repair properly – it took him a week to do everything, but now my roof is attractive and resistant, too.

If you have a commercial facility, with a roof that could do with some repairs, don’t hesitate: hire an expert from The commercial roofing contractors in Denver are great, they will surely find the best solution to prolong the life of your roof by several good years.



Should You Consider the Cheapest Denver Roofing Contractors for a New Roof Installation?

While most Denver roofing contractors offer their services at an overall affordable rate, some people tend to hunt for the cheapest possible roof installation services to try to save money. This may seem like a good idea at first, but there are a lot more things you need to keep in mind when starting such a large project, other than just the cost.


The price of a new roof usually includes the cost of the materials, labor costs, as well as additional fees included for special services, insurance and anything else the project might entail. Since you can’t always save on materials – which are the largest part of the cost – most often than not, local Denver residents try to save up by hiring a cheaper contractor.


The problem with this course of action, however, is that most highly affordable contractors offer less support in case something goes wrong. Also, their technicians may be less qualified in dealing with more complicated projects, and the end result may be that you’ll need to have the entire roof torn down and set up once more by a qualified, roofer experienced in roofing Denver CO homes.


Under these circumstances, it might be better to pay a little more from the start, and make sure you hire one of the best Denver roofing contractors, who can guarantee the best possible results.

New Baby In the House? Denver Florists Can Advise You about the Safe Flowers around Newborns

Every baby is a blessing and every family wants to welcome the new addition with lots of beautiful flowers, but Denver flower delivery shops ask you to be careful with your selection. Some flowers can cause dangerous allergies and negative reactions in new born babies. This is why you should ask the florist’s advice in selecting those flowers which are safe in a house with a baby.


Florists Know What to Recommend


Everyone knows that lilies, because of their strong aroma and high quantity of pollen, are absolutely forbidden in the same room with a baby. But did you know that even the cheerful poinsettia or the delicate lily of the valley should not be within babies’ or children’s reach? Apart from these, there are more types of flowers and potted plants that are not recommended in a house where there are babies and toddlers.


The best solution is to tell your florists that you want to send flowers to a new mother and they will be more than happy to prepare a beautiful arrangement that the mother will certainly enjoy and which will not present any heath or safety problems to the baby. All professional Denver flower delivery companies know how to deal with these challenges and find the best solution for every particular situation.

For flower delivery and floral options, call


In Terms Of Salvage Yards, Denver Is Home To Some Of The Best In The Area

If you’ve heard, that when it comes to salvage yards, Denver is one of the best places to find the right auto parts, then you have heard right. The area is known for its large yards which contain just about any car part possible. Prices are more than reasonable and you can expect to save a ton of money, while also getting the parts you need to get your car rolling.

Vehicles that have been wrecked in accidents where the insurance company has declared that they are a total loss usually end up in salvage yards. Before they are crushed and then sent for recycling, they are dismantled, and the car parts that are in good condition are tested and resold. This procedure ensures that nothing is wasted and that car owners can fix their cars more easily and by spending less money.

The fact that old car parts are being reused also represents a step forward towards creating a cleaner future. So if you want to get the cheapest auto parts check out – Denver is the place to look for a salvage yard with the replacements you need.

Denver computer repairs – It Professionals Help You With Tips On How To Make Your PC Faster Again

If your computer keeps freezing up, loading web pages with difficulty or popping up error messages, a computer repair Denver specialist will help it regain its lost glory. Surely, you can try spending money on a different processor or hard drive, as well as get additional memory. However, there are cheaper ways to make your computer faster and they usually work best.


First of all, from the Control Panel, you can close the program which takes up a large amount of your memory, making your computer breathe again. Dealing with Control Panel can be quite tricky, as there are many system files as well, which can render your computer’s operating system unusable if terminated.


An alternative solution would be to reduce the number of programs which automatically load up when the computer starts. They usually provide this option during installation and if you happen to miss it, you will have to wait a great deal at startup. Just press misconfig on the search/run bar from Start button, then uncheck all the programs you deem unnecessary in the Startup menu. Your computer will feel a lot lighter!


If you still have issues with the PC speed, the problem may lay somewhere else, and a Denver computer repairs technician may be required – a nasty virus, for example, cannot be defeated so easily!

Shopping in the Furniture Stores Denver Gives Home To – Great Shopping Experience and Excellent Quality for All Tastes

Nowadays a lot of people choose to buy their furnishing items online, but I still love traditional, brick-and-mortar shops and I am convinced there is nothing you cannot buy in Denver furniture stores quickly and easily.

I love shopping for furniture, especially in my favorite furniture store Denver is home to. Nothing compares to touching the items you like, trying them out, but there is more to shopping for furniture the traditional way than the fun: coming into physical contact with the items is the only way to make sure the item you are looking at is of the right quality, that’s why I prefer this old-fashioned way to buy furniture.

I have several favorite places in Denver. One of them is a store where I usually buy my accessories such as drapes, vases or pictures for the wall. The other offers handmade furniture – the items are not cheap, but the elegance and the quality of the pieces is really incredible. I love to mix the traditional and the modern in my rooms, so I have a third favorite, a large store where I usually get the modern, glass-and-steel items for my rooms.

Shopping for furniture is great fun, but it is a good thing that you don’t have to do it every day. If you decide to buy a few items, do visit Denver shops, they are the best in the world.


We Buy Houses Denver Sellers Want to Sell After a Divorce

If you’ve heard of companies claiming “we buy houses Denver homeowners want their money as quickly as possible after a problem such as the death of a loved one or a divorce” you’ve probably questioned the ability of these experts to truly be able to help you.


Being involved in a divorce can be a delicate and difficult matter. When it comes to your finances, you will need to plan ahead, especially when you’ve lost a trial, and you have to obtain a viable amount of cash as soon as possible.


Selling one of your properties will often be a good enough way to deal with the problem, but in most cases, the sale will not go through so quickly. This is where we come in.


Services like ours facilitate real estate investments, and our investors always pay up the full amount. This means that, regardless of what condition your home is in, or how quickly you want to sell it, we will be able to provide you with one of the best deals you can obtain, so you can sell your home quickly and very conveniently.

We buy houses Denver residents want to sell regardless of the problems they are facing, and even if you’re currently going through a difficult problem such as a divorce, you will find out company to quickly be able to help you get the assistance you need.

For more on these types of services, call



Reporting Unethical Dove Valley Colorado Real Estate Agencies

Before choosing to work with one of the many Dove Valley Colorado real estate agencies, make sure that they are licensed professionals as is Unique Properties, certified by the National Association of Realtors (abbreviated NAR).


Of course, this is not always a 100% guarantee that they will do serious business for you, but, at least, you have the means to fight back. If the realtor has violated the NAR Code, you can make sure that they do not continue to practice in this manner.


First it is best if you have specific data about them: dates, names, places, etc. Then, contact the company and realtor’s boss or complaints department, first by phone and then in writing, in a calm and neutral tone, ending with a request for a resolution. You should have their information or their business card within your reach.


Then, if are still not satisfied, you can call the Colorado Association of Realtors and they will provide you with the local contact information to file an official complaint. Make sure that you file it within 180 days from the incident.


However, in most cases, it is the best interest of the Dove Valley Colorado real estate representatives to solve any disputes before their reputation is damaged.

Wrought Iron Fence Denver Manufacturing

The wrought iron fence Denver manufacturing process has as a starting point the basic material used: wrought iron. In the past, wrought iron was obtained through a process which separated the carbon from the iron. Today, due to modern technology, a 1018 mild steel is used, which allows the producers to cut down the expenses.

To work metal meant to change its shape and form manually. Obviously, this is also an action of the past, as nowadays rails, fences, screws and other materials used in constructions are obtained automatically, using specialized machines (some still operated by people).

Besides the performance of the equipment used, the final results when it comes to wrought iron fences also depend on the quality of the iron used and on the skills of the people installing the fence.

No matter how talented you might think you are, it is best to leave the installation to Metro Fence company professionals, so as to make sure that your new fence is installed by the book, to last you longer and protect your home from intruders.

There are many companies specializing in wrought iron fence Denver manufacturing and installation, so finding the right one for you should not be too difficult.



Denver Painters Know Everything about the Air Bubbles Apparition in Paint

According to Denver painters, air bubbles are one of the main obstacles in the way of a successful painting job. However, by knowing what causes the bubbles, professionals can avoid them.


Here are some of the factors that can lead to the apparition of bubbles in paint:


Improperly prepared surface – Any professional painter like that of Allegro Painting knows that, besides using high quality products, the way the surface is prepared for the operation matters as well. For instance, bubbles are most likely to appear on an unsealed surface than on one where a primer or a sealant has been applied prior to starting the job. On the other hand, professional painters know that not all sealing products go with any type of surface. As a result, they only use sealants or primers specially designed for the material the paint is applied on.


Incorrectly applied paint – How to correctly apply the paint is one of the best kept secrets of a professional painter. The speed of the movements has to be adjusted according to the type of product used for covering the surface. For instance, paints with thicker consistency have to be applied slower than thinner ones, otherwise air bubbles appear rapidly on the surface. Using the right type of brush or roller, Denver painters say, is also essential for preventing air bubbles.

The Best Way to Find a Job: Browsing Colorado Springs Jobs Online

Online job listings at, provide the widest and easiest to use resources for those looking for a new position and Colorado Springs jobs are no exceptions. I used these listings to find a job, too and it all went faster than I expected.

I was laid off last year. At first I was desperate, but then, after about a week from the big shock, I decided to get my act together and start looking for a job. I first of all dusted my resume, then I set up my profile on several job sites. These websites allow you to customize the job offers you want receive, so I could be as specific as I wanted in my search. I also had some companies I really wanted to work for, so I used the internet to find out about their contact details and approach them with my resume.

The search for the right job took a while and I often spent eight hours a day looking for a job – it was difficult, but it was worth it. I learned a lot not only about what it meant to browse Colorado Springs jobs, but also about how to present myself in the best light and how to negotiate, so being in between jobs was a hard, but very important period in my life.


Commercial Property Maintenance – Your Business

Deciding to start a commercial property maintenance business is a good idea.

Nowadays, there are more new buildings popping up every day and they will all need, sooner or later, someone to perform maintenance on the spot.

You have the possibility of having to types of services – on call and on site.

When offering an on call service, you will need to have people available all the time, in case any of your customers have an emergency. This means having to rotate people in such a way that all of them get to work and you don’t have some just waiting around for an emergency to occur. Another option would be to have some collaborators, which are not fully employed, but more project based, when you need them

If you have people on site, it means that they are working only on a certain property, being there full time. Basically, you are an intermediate between the owner of the business and the people doing the maintenance on his property.

When having such a business, you must know that you need to hire a big variety of people, in order to offer all services needed when it comes to commercial property maintenance.