New owner of Bingham’s Kennebec Mill has big plans


The former Kennebec Mill has been bought by a local entrepreneur with dreams enough to fill the cavernous walls of the old silo and dusty storage spaces. Jay Strickland, 59, has taken over the mill, a vacant property that the town took in a foreclosure after lifetimes of wood production and processing.

He plans to open a sandblasting and equipment repair business, a water bottling facility and an agricultural co-op.

Source: Morning Sentinel

New Baby In the House? Denver Florists Can Advise You about the Safe Flowers around Newborns

Every baby is a blessing and every family wants to welcome the new addition with lots of beautiful flowers, but Denver flower delivery shops ask you to be careful with your selection. Some flowers can cause dangerous allergies and negative reactions in new born babies. This is why you should ask the florist’s advice in selecting those flowers which are safe in a house with a baby.


Florists Know What to Recommend


Everyone knows that lilies, because of their strong aroma and high quantity of pollen, are absolutely forbidden in the same room with a baby. But did you know that even the cheerful poinsettia or the delicate lily of the valley should not be within babies’ or children’s reach? Apart from these, there are more types of flowers and potted plants that are not recommended in a house where there are babies and toddlers.


The best solution is to tell your florists that you want to send flowers to a new mother and they will be more than happy to prepare a beautiful arrangement that the mother will certainly enjoy and which will not present any heath or safety problems to the baby. All professional Denver flower delivery companies know how to deal with these challenges and find the best solution for every particular situation.

For flower delivery and floral options, call


In Terms Of Salvage Yards, Denver Is Home To Some Of The Best In The Area

If you’ve heard, that when it comes to salvage yards, Denver is one of the best places to find the right auto parts, then you have heard right. The area is known for its large yards which contain just about any car part possible. Prices are more than reasonable and you can expect to save a ton of money, while also getting the parts you need to get your car rolling.

Vehicles that have been wrecked in accidents where the insurance company has declared that they are a total loss usually end up in salvage yards. Before they are crushed and then sent for recycling, they are dismantled, and the car parts that are in good condition are tested and resold. This procedure ensures that nothing is wasted and that car owners can fix their cars more easily and by spending less money.

The fact that old car parts are being reused also represents a step forward towards creating a cleaner future. So if you want to get the cheapest auto parts check out – Denver is the place to look for a salvage yard with the replacements you need.

Denver computer repairs – It Professionals Help You With Tips On How To Make Your PC Faster Again

If your computer keeps freezing up, loading web pages with difficulty or popping up error messages, a computer repair Denver specialist will help it regain its lost glory. Surely, you can try spending money on a different processor or hard drive, as well as get additional memory. However, there are cheaper ways to make your computer faster and they usually work best.


First of all, from the Control Panel, you can close the program which takes up a large amount of your memory, making your computer breathe again. Dealing with Control Panel can be quite tricky, as there are many system files as well, which can render your computer’s operating system unusable if terminated.


An alternative solution would be to reduce the number of programs which automatically load up when the computer starts. They usually provide this option during installation and if you happen to miss it, you will have to wait a great deal at startup. Just press misconfig on the search/run bar from Start button, then uncheck all the programs you deem unnecessary in the Startup menu. Your computer will feel a lot lighter!


If you still have issues with the PC speed, the problem may lay somewhere else, and a Denver computer repairs technician may be required – a nasty virus, for example, cannot be defeated so easily!

Shopping in the Furniture Stores Denver Gives Home To – Great Shopping Experience and Excellent Quality for All Tastes

Nowadays a lot of people choose to buy their furnishing items online, but I still love traditional, brick-and-mortar shops and I am convinced there is nothing you cannot buy in Denver furniture stores quickly and easily.

I love shopping for furniture, especially in my favorite furniture store Denver is home to. Nothing compares to touching the items you like, trying them out, but there is more to shopping for furniture the traditional way than the fun: coming into physical contact with the items is the only way to make sure the item you are looking at is of the right quality, that’s why I prefer this old-fashioned way to buy furniture.

I have several favorite places in Denver. One of them is a store where I usually buy my accessories such as drapes, vases or pictures for the wall. The other offers handmade furniture – the items are not cheap, but the elegance and the quality of the pieces is really incredible. I love to mix the traditional and the modern in my rooms, so I have a third favorite, a large store where I usually get the modern, glass-and-steel items for my rooms.

Shopping for furniture is great fun, but it is a good thing that you don’t have to do it every day. If you decide to buy a few items, do visit Denver shops, they are the best in the world.


We Buy Houses Denver Sellers Want to Sell After a Divorce

If you’ve heard of companies claiming “we buy houses Denver homeowners want their money as quickly as possible after a problem such as the death of a loved one or a divorce” you’ve probably questioned the ability of these experts to truly be able to help you.


Being involved in a divorce can be a delicate and difficult matter. When it comes to your finances, you will need to plan ahead, especially when you’ve lost a trial, and you have to obtain a viable amount of cash as soon as possible.


Selling one of your properties will often be a good enough way to deal with the problem, but in most cases, the sale will not go through so quickly. This is where we come in.


Services like ours facilitate real estate investments, and our investors always pay up the full amount. This means that, regardless of what condition your home is in, or how quickly you want to sell it, we will be able to provide you with one of the best deals you can obtain, so you can sell your home quickly and very conveniently.

We buy houses Denver residents want to sell regardless of the problems they are facing, and even if you’re currently going through a difficult problem such as a divorce, you will find out company to quickly be able to help you get the assistance you need.

For more on these types of services, call



Reporting Unethical Dove Valley Colorado Real Estate Agencies

Before choosing to work with one of the many Dove Valley Colorado real estate agencies, make sure that they are licensed professionals as is Unique Properties, certified by the National Association of Realtors (abbreviated NAR).


Of course, this is not always a 100% guarantee that they will do serious business for you, but, at least, you have the means to fight back. If the realtor has violated the NAR Code, you can make sure that they do not continue to practice in this manner.


First it is best if you have specific data about them: dates, names, places, etc. Then, contact the company and realtor’s boss or complaints department, first by phone and then in writing, in a calm and neutral tone, ending with a request for a resolution. You should have their information or their business card within your reach.


Then, if are still not satisfied, you can call the Colorado Association of Realtors and they will provide you with the local contact information to file an official complaint. Make sure that you file it within 180 days from the incident.


However, in most cases, it is the best interest of the Dove Valley Colorado real estate representatives to solve any disputes before their reputation is damaged.

Wrought Iron Fence Denver Manufacturing

The wrought iron fence Denver manufacturing process has as a starting point the basic material used: wrought iron. In the past, wrought iron was obtained through a process which separated the carbon from the iron. Today, due to modern technology, a 1018 mild steel is used, which allows the producers to cut down the expenses.

To work metal meant to change its shape and form manually. Obviously, this is also an action of the past, as nowadays rails, fences, screws and other materials used in constructions are obtained automatically, using specialized machines (some still operated by people).

Besides the performance of the equipment used, the final results when it comes to wrought iron fences also depend on the quality of the iron used and on the skills of the people installing the fence.

No matter how talented you might think you are, it is best to leave the installation to Metro Fence company professionals, so as to make sure that your new fence is installed by the book, to last you longer and protect your home from intruders.

There are many companies specializing in wrought iron fence Denver manufacturing and installation, so finding the right one for you should not be too difficult.



Denver Painters Know Everything about the Air Bubbles Apparition in Paint

According to Denver painters, air bubbles are one of the main obstacles in the way of a successful painting job. However, by knowing what causes the bubbles, professionals can avoid them.


Here are some of the factors that can lead to the apparition of bubbles in paint:


Improperly prepared surface – Any professional painter like that of Allegro Painting knows that, besides using high quality products, the way the surface is prepared for the operation matters as well. For instance, bubbles are most likely to appear on an unsealed surface than on one where a primer or a sealant has been applied prior to starting the job. On the other hand, professional painters know that not all sealing products go with any type of surface. As a result, they only use sealants or primers specially designed for the material the paint is applied on.


Incorrectly applied paint – How to correctly apply the paint is one of the best kept secrets of a professional painter. The speed of the movements has to be adjusted according to the type of product used for covering the surface. For instance, paints with thicker consistency have to be applied slower than thinner ones, otherwise air bubbles appear rapidly on the surface. Using the right type of brush or roller, Denver painters say, is also essential for preventing air bubbles.

The Best Way to Find a Job: Browsing Colorado Springs Jobs Online

Online job listings at, provide the widest and easiest to use resources for those looking for a new position and Colorado Springs jobs are no exceptions. I used these listings to find a job, too and it all went faster than I expected.

I was laid off last year. At first I was desperate, but then, after about a week from the big shock, I decided to get my act together and start looking for a job. I first of all dusted my resume, then I set up my profile on several job sites. These websites allow you to customize the job offers you want receive, so I could be as specific as I wanted in my search. I also had some companies I really wanted to work for, so I used the internet to find out about their contact details and approach them with my resume.

The search for the right job took a while and I often spent eight hours a day looking for a job – it was difficult, but it was worth it. I learned a lot not only about what it meant to browse Colorado Springs jobs, but also about how to present myself in the best light and how to negotiate, so being in between jobs was a hard, but very important period in my life.


Commercial Property Maintenance – Your Business

Deciding to start a commercial property maintenance business is a good idea.

Nowadays, there are more new buildings popping up every day and they will all need, sooner or later, someone to perform maintenance on the spot.

You have the possibility of having to types of services – on call and on site.

When offering an on call service, you will need to have people available all the time, in case any of your customers have an emergency. This means having to rotate people in such a way that all of them get to work and you don’t have some just waiting around for an emergency to occur. Another option would be to have some collaborators, which are not fully employed, but more project based, when you need them

If you have people on site, it means that they are working only on a certain property, being there full time. Basically, you are an intermediate between the owner of the business and the people doing the maintenance on his property.

When having such a business, you must know that you need to hire a big variety of people, in order to offer all services needed when it comes to commercial property maintenance.

Why Hire One of the Professional Wedding Planners Colorado Has

I have taken part in organizing several wedding parties and believe me, working with the professional wedding planners Colorado gives home to can make all the difference not necessarily between a good and a bad wedding party, but between a sane and relaxed young couple to be married and a couple that is stressed out, exhausted and irritated on what should be the biggest day of their life.


The last wedding preparation I took part in was my best friend’s wedding. She wanted a big, traditional party at an elegant place, with the finest foods and drinks she could afford. The wedding consultant we hired at was a classy lady herself – when we first met, she showed us her portfolio and we knew she was the best for the job.


With her help, the wedding preparations seemed easy as a walk in the park. She took care of everything from the dress to the band, from the invitations to accommodating the guests. The party was wonderful, just as the young couple wanted it to be and they also managed to stay within the budget.


Had it not been for this wedding consultant, the party would have been impossible to organize. Organizing such a huge event is no task for an amateur – get professional help from one of the wedding planners Colorado has and enjoy your wedding party to the fullest.





Professional Photographers Debunk Headshots Denver Myths

You want to get the best headshots Denver has ever seen, but you are not sure where to start? Like with all things, it is best to first get any misconceptions out of the way:

Your smile will always look fake, no matter how hard you try

Trying too hard is actually the problem. If you want your smile to look natural, then you need to be comfortable during the shoot. Get to know the photographer before taking the headshots. It will help you relax.

The camera adds 10 pounds

No need to worry about imperfections, since experienced photographers know how to use lighting techniques to get the best results.

You need to apply a lot of makeup

A lot of women, and even some men, seem to give in to this misconception. Too much makeup is never a good idea and will surely ruin the quality of your headshot, since it will distract from your face and give the viewer the impression that you are trying too hard.

According to headshots Denver professionals, women should only wear a moderate amount of makeup and not overdo it, while men should only use concealer if they want to hide any blemishes.

For additional information and to schedule your professional headshot now, visit

Modern Denver Landscaping Ideas for Your Property

Denver landscaping has definitely come a long way. From old and traditional design ideas to modern and unique aspects, you can easily take your pick. Most experts recommend going with modern designs if you want to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and give your home a unique look. But where do you start? Well, here are a few ideas you should keep in mind:

All about the tiles

Whether you use grass or stone tiles, you can definitely create some interesting designs that will increase the aesthetic value of your property. Combining grass and concrete gives off a modern, artsy appearance, while gravel and stone tiles give off a more classy and stylish tone.

Mind the placement

Placing your plants is not a simple walk in the park. There are various things you need to take into account. See where the sun shines most in your garden and what paths strong winds follow.

Do not forget about accessories

Investing in planters can be a great idea. According to Bluebird Design and Landscape Denver contractors, certain planters even come in designs that add an aura of mystery to your garden.


Basic Information on Refrigerator Repair – Denver Residents Have to Know This

When something goes wrong with your refrigerator, the best thing to do is to contact a refrigerator repair Denver company. Besides identifying and fixing the issue in an effective way, specialists also offer you advice on how to avoid unpleasant situations.

According to them, constant maintenance is one of the keys to this problem. By periodically unfreezing the unit and cleaning it, you prevent the frost from accumulating on its components, blocking them. Verifying the settings of the refrigerator from time to time is another simple thing you can do to keep it in good conditions.

The freon, a gas used as refrigerating agent, is the source of many problems. After eliminating the frequent causes of the malfunction, you have to call a specialist to take a look at the appliance.

Never, under any circumstance, should you try to replace the freon installation by yourself, even if you possess advanced technical knowledge. The gas is very toxic once released in the atmosphere, so the operation is performed in special spaces, equipped with powerful ventilation systems.

Before calling professionals for assistance, it is good to consider some safety aspects. Refrigerator repair Denver specialists advise with you to empty the device of its content, to unplug it and to disconnect it from the circuit breaker in the main electric panel.

Reasons To Buy And Sell Used Musical Instruments And The Advantages Of Doing So

If you have just decided to pick up a guitar and start playing or you want to improve your drum set, then you should definitely read why it is much more advantageous to buy and sell used musical instruments rather than waste money on new gear that gets more and more expensive by the day.

We can all agree that musical instrument prices are getting pretty ridiculous these days. Those old guitars that cost less than a hundred bucks are not even considered anymore, as there is always at least one kid on the block who goes and buys himself a new shiny guitar worth a couple grand. But that kid will probably not be the next Jimi Hendrix, and he may even quit playing the guitar after a few months. The lesson that many people seem to forget is that it is not how much you spend on the musical instrument, it is how much you use it. You can buy the cheapest guitar on the market, if you play for 10 hours straight per day, chances are you will get somewhere eventually.

So don’t waste your money on new gear, get yourself used guitars, used drum sets and other things you need and spend your time and energy for actually practicing.  Visit

Use a Carpet Cleaning Parker Firm or Clean Your Carpets Yourself?

Using the services of a Parker carpet cleaning company is certainly more expensive than cleaning the carpets and upholstery by yourself. However, asking a professional to clean your carpets is a much safer solution.

How do you clean your carpets? You probably soak them into some cleaning solutions that you buy from the supermarket and wait for it to dry. You think that all the dirt, allergens, pollen and thousands of other particles will simply disappear? What you do not know is that, by acting like this, you could drastically harm your carpets, which are usually made from delicate materials.

Maybe the worst thing you can do when you try to clean your carpets at home is to use a brush in trying to remove the stains that you spot on their surface. In the long run, this procedure damages your carpets, and you could be forced to replace them with new ones soon.

The big difference between you and a professional cleaner is that you do not have the adequate means to approach this job, not to mention the necessary knowhow. So, when you need carpet cleaning, Parker specialized firms are the solution.

Top Five Benefits of Denver HVAC Routine Maintenance

The domestic maintenance tasks that are needed throughout a year should also include regular maintenance of your furnace and air conditioner. It is not wise to neglect it, because major failures cold appear, and you would be forced to pay more for repairs than for an annual tune-up.

Regular maintenance of your heating and cooling systems brings five benefits that you certainly do not want to miss:

  • Improved comfort – Regular maintenance keeps your HVAC system working properly and providing a comfortable temperature to your entire home.
  • Better air quality – In addition to the comfort provided by your HVAC system, your home will be cleaner and toxin-free.
  • A reduced number of repairs – When it comes to expensive air conditioner and furnace repair, Denver technicians agree that preventative routine maintenance is preferable.
  • Monthly savings – Keeping your furnace and air conditioner in good condition will save you money not only on repair costs, but also on your upcoming utility bills.
  • A longer HVAC system life – Replacing your heating and air conditioning system is expensive and also time consuming, but having it maintained regularly is a great way to prolong its life.

For more information regarding the up-keep of your home’s HVAC systems, contact


Denver HVAC Problems Easy to Solve

For any HVAC work, including furnace repair, Denver is a city with many technicians that can be hired very easily.

Last month, suddenly, my HVAC system stopped completely. I did not know why, and I am not the type of guy that tries to fix all the things around the house. Taking into consideration the fact that my HVAC system was pretty old and no technicians had looked after it in the last three years, it was something that I could have expected to happen.

So, the first thing I did was look for some specialists. I was surprised when I found out that there are many companies that provide this kind of service. So I hired one, and the next day two specialists in HVAC maintenance were sent to my house. It took them two or three hours to fix it.

They told me it broke down because of dust and dirt, and they recommended I get it serviced once a year to avoid the problem in the future. Everything went very easily, and now I know that in Denver, HVAC problems are dealt with in a professional way by HVAC specialists.

To schedule your HVAC services, contact the experts at Steel-T.

The Benefits of Expert Roofing Services – Having a Safe and Durable Roof over Your Head

Have you been asking everybody about how to shingle a roof as efficiently and as economically as possible? Here is the answer: the best way is to hire an expert roofer at Advanced Roofing Systems to do the job.

Expert roofing installation comes with numerous advantages. First of all, you don’t have to work at heights with dangerous tools. Second, you don’t have to do extensive research about what materials to buy and to do extensive calculations to find out how much material you need. Third, you can save a lot of money by hiring an expert because professional roofers know exactly how to do the job for the best price, without compromising quality.

In the beginning I thought of doing the roofing on my house myself. Then I listed all the pros and cons of expert roofing versus amateur installation and I decided to find a contractor to install the new roof. It was the best decision: the installation was completely stress-free; the contractor took care of the material purchase and the delivery as well and the entire project went down as smoothly as possible.

Don’t even consider installing your own roofing – you have so many other things to do, don’t waste your time. Hire a professional contractor and enjoy all the benefits of expert installation.

Adequate Choices for Assisted Living – Denver Individual Service Plans (ISPs)

Whether you’re interested in individual living or assisted living, Denver has numerous options to provide in terms of special facilities offering varying degrees of assistance services and amenities that would suit the needs of most senior citizens.  Take a look at St Andrews Village.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a more specialized service plan, there is often the risk of running into assisted living centers that offer less support for certain individual needs, or others that are unable to provide adequate screening before determining whether or not they can take care of your needs.

There are 4 essential factors that you need to look for in an individual or assisted living facility:

  • An individual service plan (ISP) tailored to your own specifications, including particular physical assistance, domestic help, medical support and services facilitating leisure activities and the pursuance of personal interests;
  • A clean, well-designed facility complete with technological assistance features, as well as adequate heating, cooling, electrical and plumbing systems;
  • A thorough screening process through which the assistance center’s experts will determine whether or not they are able to cater to all your requirements;
  • Professional staff members that take the ISP seriously and are able to provide you with everything you need.

Always remember that you have other options, and weigh them carefully before choosing any retirement center that offers solutions for assisted or independent living, Denver being one of the few places where you truly have some excellent facilities to choose from.

The Need for Conscious Sedation – Denver Specialists and Their Recommendations

Although you may want to be conscious during your next surgery, it isn’t always a requirement to get conscious sedation, Denver experts sometimes giving general anesthesia or various other procedures a higher level of priority.

But when is conscious sedation considered to be the best of choices, and will it be a good idea for your future procedure? Let’s find out:

  • The most common cases when conscious sedation is used mostly include minor surgeries where general anesthetics are not needed. Usually these are routine interventions, dental procedures, investigations such as biopsies or surgeries required for cosmetic purposes or infertility.
  • Sometimes patients who get anxious easily or who have had a traumatic experience during surgery in the past might also require conscious sedation even when no type of anesthetic is needed.
  • Children and adults with particular personality types or disorders will often need to be provided with conscious sedation, as even if the surgery itself is not painful, it will likely require the patient to sit still for a longer period of time.

When it comes to any issues regarding conscious sedation, Denver professionals at Clarkson Dental are often very helpful, and all you have to do in order to find out more about the details regarding the procedure and whether or not it’s a good option for you would be to call and make an appointment as soon as possible.

Why Are Air Flow Circuit Malfunctions and How Often Do They Appear on Used Ford Focus Cars?

If you were advised to avoid buying a used Focus because air flow circuit problems may affect its performance, it is time you understood the problems and learned the truth.

The problem is related to the sensor indicating Mass Air Flow, located in the air intake duct, right between the air filter and the engine intake manifold. It measures the flow of the intake air and converts the results into a voltage or frequency signal that it transmits to the engine computer.

The engine’s load is calculated based on this signal, and the amount of fuel to be injected to the engine is determined. If the signal goes out of range, the ECM detects it and displays an error code. Depending on whether the signal is above or under the normal range, your Ford Focus may lose some power, stall, surge or hesitation.

However, this rarely happens in vehicles that have not been involved in collisions and have seen average maintenance, and can be avoided if the car is bought from an authorized dealer. Even if it were to happen, dealers offer warranty and would take care of it.

Your local Longmont Ford dealer can answer the questions you have.

Gross Domestic Product Determines Changes in Colorado Mortgage Rates

Not all people think that a relationship exists between the Gross Domestic Product and the level of mortgage rates. However, the Gross Domestic Product is the measure of a country’s economic output, and economists say that a high level of GDP growth is a signal for increasing mortgage rates.

How is that possible? When GDP is too high, it is possible to have much money floating on the market, and inflation tends to pick up. A high rate of GDP will warn the market on a rise of interest rates meant to keep inflation in balance.

Related to mortgage rates, Colorado economists say that there are two main indicators that show this influence:

  • Increases of worker productivity, when employers get more work out of the current employees and avoid hiring new people
  • Surge in inventory cycles, as a result of the economy initially starting to contract, manufacturing slowed down in order to cut production costs, and inventories being liquidated in order to make sales. The phenomenon that happens then is similar to a roller coaster that crests a hill. One part of that train goes up, while the other part goes down. Inventories are restored when more is manufactured and less is sold.

These indicators show how GDP is able to influence the trends of mortgage rates.  Check out mortgage rates at:

Some Facts About Stain Removal and Carpet Cleaning Littleton Residents Might Not Know

If you are in need of carpet cleaning, Littleton professionals recommend taking a few steps in order to properly remove stains.

In case the stain is fresh, the best thing you could do would try to absorb as much as possible from it, as the less remains in the carpet fibers, the easier will be to completely remove the stain. Put some paper towels on top of the stain and apply mild pressure. Do not try to rub the stain, as you will likely cause the molecules to get deeper into the carpet fibers. Change the paper towels until they no longer absorb the liquid.

After this step, you can apply some water vinegar solution if the stain is from urine or a strong smelling substance. Blot the stain again until you cannot draw out any more moisture and then leave it to dry.

If the stains are old and no detergent can help you clean the carpet, then you may want to enlist the services of a carpet cleaning company. Luckily, when it comes to carpet cleaning, Littleton has many trusted professionals that have the know-how and techniques to quickly remove all stains from the carpet.

For more details, please see

Improve Your Driving Experience by Getting Some of the Best Mufflers Denver Can Offer

When it comes to mufflers, Denver has no shortage of the component that will keep your car running smoothly and with a pleasant growl to accompany you on the road. Car enthusiasts are always looking to improve upon their vehicle. By changing this one element your driving experience is sure to become more relaxing, and your vehicle more aesthetically pleasing.

What you can expect from our services

  • Attention to detail;
  • Only the best of materials for our products;
  • Quality execution for maximum performance;
  • An eye for the aesthetic value of the machine;
  • Smooth sound.

Well-established mechanics in Denver will help you choose and change the muffler on your car as soon as possible, and for reasonable prices. These technicians have years of prior experience, so your new silent ride will provide guaranteed satisfaction. Suppliers are committed to finding just the right part to deliver on their promises of smooth sound and performance for your vehicle.

Experience yourself the high quality services the professionals in the area can offer. For any of your needs regarding mufflers, Denver should be the first place you check out.

For more detail, please see